TEMU Affiliate Program Review and Updates: Is it legit?

Today we’re exploring the Temu Affiliate Program. If you’ve been wondering if it legit, if you can join, and how to make money, keep reading. All opinions are my own.

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Today we’re talking all about the TEMU affiliate program. I’ve written a few articles on Temu over the last few months but haven’t touched on the affiliate program at all. I joined a few weeks ago and am sharing what I’ve learned, whether or not it’s a scam, and whether or not you should join.

Before we get into the affiliate program, here is a little more info about Temu. You can also read my first shopping review on whether or not Temu is legit, this dive into Temu’s data security, or read my roundup of my best Temu purchases.

About TEMU: 

Have you seen orange packages on all your neighbors’ doorsteps? Just me? That is Temu.

Temu is a new-ish online marketplace headquartered in Boston that connects US shoppers to millions of sellers, manufacturers, and brands from all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for exciting products, great prices, or useful gadgets, TEMU is a one-stop destination. There are products across a dozen categories including fashion, home decor, pets, and more.

About Temu Affiliate Program: 

Temu has grown rapidly in part due to it’s generous and fun affiliate program. Unlike regular affiliate programs that are limited to influencers or affiliate marketers, Temu has a program that is open to anyone. If you’re an avid TEMU enthusiast looking to generate a source of passive income or if you are an influencer and want to monetize your traffic, let’s see how the Temu affiliate program can work for you.

How much can you earn through TEMU Affiliate program? 

The Temu affiliate portal claims you can earn up to $10,0000 per month! They do have a transparent and simple tiered commission structure for NEW users. The focus seems to be on helping Temu acquire new customers and not on recommending specific products to it’s existing customer base (like in the Amazon Influencer program).

Breakdown of Temu affiliate program commissions:

1: Earn a $5 reward for each new user who downloads the TEMU App using your referral link. 

2: Get a commission on every sale made by new registered users who click through your unique referral link.

  • For purchases between $0.00 and $49.99, you’ll receive a 5% commission 
  • For purchases between $50.00 and $99.99, you’ll receive a 10% commission 
  • For purchases of $100.00 or more, you’ll receive a 20% commission 

3: Earn $10 for each new affiliate you invite when they make their first commission. For example, you can invite other influencers to be TEMU Affiliates 

4: There are also additional cash bonuses for top Temu affiliate earners each week.

How to withdraw affiliate commissions? 

You can simply withdraw using PayPal. When your TEMU Affiliate account balance reaches $20, there will show a pop-up to notify you to link your PayPal account. I can attest this is very easy. I had about $100 sitting in my Temu affiliate account last week so I connected my Paypal account through a few clicks and the funds transferred.

How to get started with the Temu Affiliate Program:

Once you sign up for the TEMU Affiliate Program here, you get your own referral link and coupon code in you account center. Here are a few places to share your link:

  • Share on social media. I’ve seen the best success with this when I’m sharing specific products I have and use from Temu.
  • Write high quality blog posts about Temu products. This is my #1 referrer. I have SEO optimized blog posts about Temu.
  • Create banner ads with your temu code (if you have a website). I haven’t done this yet because all my ads are run through my ad agency.

How does Temu compare with other affiliate programs:

Compared with other affiliate programs, such as Amazon Associate or Shein Affiliate, Temu offers 5%-20% commission rate for all categories depending on each qualified purchase. The higher the first order, the larger the commission payout. In contrast, Amazon and Shein offer fixed commission rates (in the 3-10% range depending on the category).

However, TEMU does not offer commissions for returning users. This is a big drawback for me. Right now I’m earning commissions in returning customers (I THINK!) through LTK but I would love to see Temu’s in-house affiliate program offer commissions on returning customers.

That said, Temu is growing exponentially and there is so much search traffic. As Temu opens in more countries, the potential number of new customers continues to grow. This is the best time to join the affiliate program.

girl holding an orange temu package up in the air in a white kitchen to talk about temu affiliate program.

Temu Affiliate FAQ 

Does the link and code expire? 

Your Temu Affiliate code and link do not expire. They are limited to use for new referrals.

Is TEMU Affiliate program available in all countries? 

The TEMU Affiliate Program is currently ONLY open to users who are based in the USA. Supposedly it is coming to other countries soon. As the Temu marketplace continues to expand to new countries, we can expect to see their affiliate program expanding as well.

Is the Temu affiliate program legit?

The backend of the Temu affiliate program is BUSY. It doesn’t have the same clean look as most of the affiliate portals I use. I was a little skeptical. That said, I just withdrew my first $100 after sharing my code over the last month or so. So, yes, the Temu affiliate program is legit. Anyone can sign up and you earn commission on orders from new users.

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  1. Awesome review. Thanks for sharing the info! Once someone becomes an affiliate where do you get the different links to promote Temu? I have seen some promoting a link that went to a different Temu page than yours. Where would I locate the link for people to go directly to the affiliate signup page? I really like this program and will tell my husband about it.