Style resolutions after Paris

I’m a tad embarrassed to admit how much I thought about what to wear in Paris before we left on this trip (and then the weather was much warmer than I’d anticipated and it actually mattered far less than I’d expected).

That city oozes with easy sophistication and elegant simplicity. And it makes you want to actually get dressed everyday. It also was a huge reminder that good style doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. The women whose outfits I wanted to steal weren’t in stilettos or even edgy flats. They were put-together, relaxed, and comfortable.

We did a little bit of shopping, but most of the style inspiration came from observing French women in cafes, strolling down the streets with their strollers, or watching their kids in the park.

Style Resolutions after 4 Days in Paris

Get dressed everyday.

For me, this means out of my gym clothes.

Do my hair or put on makeup each day.

This is one I’ve kept since getting back and I enjoy feeling a bit more put together each day. I find I’m kinder, less stressed, and more productive when I’ve taken a few minutes for myself. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling less insecure about myself so I can focus on other people, or maybe it’s the secret power of a brow pencil, but either way, it’s working for me.

P.S. I’m also a firm believer that you don’t need makeup to feel beautiful and that your worth shouldn’t come from what you look like. So a small part of me really dislikes this resolution because one of my favorite parts about becoming a mom/ going through my twenties, has been becoming comfortable being out and about with no makeup at all. Before moving to Boston I’d go for a week or two without a trace of makeup. And so I don’t believe you need it. But I’m also embracing the fact that I like it. And going with that. 

Embrace sneakers (with nicer tops).

Sneakers were a must with all the walking we did in Paris and I noticed it wasn’t just the tourists who were rocking kicks on the city streets. I’m wearing sneakers more often now, even when I’m wearing something a little nicer (black pants, a nice sweater, etc).

Use nice things.

In Paris, we saw so many women wandering the gardens with their children in the most fabulous outfits (and this one women, sporting a beautiful dress, pushing a double stroller with newborn TWINS!).  I’m committing to wearing more than just my jeans and my tee shirts even if I’m just taking my kids to the park.

Be okay with neutrals

I love neutrals. 90% of my closet is cream, black, grey, or navy. Over the years the color has drained (not entirely) from my closet. Instead of trying to convince myself to buy the grey sweater I love in green because “I don’t have anything like that” or “the color is really in this season” or “it’s just so pretty,” I’m committing to being content with liking what I like

Wear perfume more often.

To help with this, I bought this little set of perfume last week and have been using it daily. My favorite perfume these days is from Dime Beauty and this is a full review of Dime Perfume and the best scents. 

Pick one accessory.

Less is more when it comes to accessories but something is better than nothing. A little neck scarf, a simple pair of earrings, a single long necklace – pick something to add to your outfit each day.


outfit details

dress: Zara (under 20 euro in Europe! a little more on the US site)

shoes: M Gemi

black bag: Rebecca Minkoff

watch: Daniel Wellington

trench: very old Shein – (full shein review and shopping tips)


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