Paris Girl’s Weekend Day 4

Today I’m sharing our last day in Paris (written a few days after we got back mid-October). This girl’s weekend in Paris was a dream and even though it’s only been two weeks, the magic feels like a lifetime ago. You can find a bit of background about the trip here and then our itinerary by day here:

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Paris Girl’s Weekend Day 4/ Final Day

We had a slow Sunday morning for our last day in Paris, needing to head to the airport around three for our flight back early that evening. We spent the day worshipping, eating, and enjoying the beautiful gardens of Paris.

Sunday morning I opted for an extra hour of sleep and skipped mass at Notre Dame. Part of me is still kicking myself for it but, it was hard enough to get up at 7:45 after a late night, and I’m glad I wasn’t feeling more rushed on our last morning.

We all met at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, just a quarter mile from our apartment for a 9:30 sacrament meeting. The congregation was having a fast and testimony meeting that Sunday, so after taking the bread and the water, we got to listen to various members of the congregation share their convictions about the Savior. It felt like such a treat to spend over an hour focused on trying to pick up bits and pieces of the french being spoken. Likely given my very low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I could understand (it helped there were plenty of non-native french speakers speaking, which made their speech a bit slower and less accented).

After church we walked down into the marais to pick up macarons to bring home (and got a solid scolding from the grumpy lady at Pierre Herme for trying to open the door before she was ready to open). We ate delicious pastries from Legay Choc (be warned, the pastries are delicious but a little…. crude?) on our way back to the apartment to pack up our things.

Once our bags were stored in the hallway, we wandered down to the Jardin du Luxembourg to enjoy the sunshine and a little people watching. I can still see those two little well dressed brothers racing boats with their father, his cashmere sweater tied casually around his waist, watching on. I’m sure there were plenty of tourists in the gardens but it seemed like a glimpse into slower French Sunday life in the bustling city of Paris.

We had a bit of an incident getting locked out of the apartment but managed to get our bags and an uber in time to make our flight.

Oh! The airport! We were already hungry and, realizing we had an 8 hour flight ahead of us, planned on having a full meal once we got to our gate. I didn’t realize in Europe they rarely have full restaurants after you go through security. And so, a few of us went back through security, customs, and passport control just to grab food and make our way back to the gate. It will likely be my only experience going through security with just my wallet (and bag of food).

Once onboard I settled in for 8 hours of naps + books + photo editing + movies before heading back to my own bed.

P.S. No photos of our afternoon in the gardens because I didn’t bring my camera along – the one time all weekend I didn’t 100% look like a tourist 🙂

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