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Massachusetts Cranberry Bogs!

Cranberry bogs!

Have you ever been?

We crossed this off our New England bucket list this weekend!

Did you know anyone, for a sum, can don the highly fashionable waders and step into wet cranberry bogs?

On Friday we ventured out of Boston a bit (about an hour without traffic) to Stonebridge Farm in Acushnet. We learned about the cranberry harvest (did you know they Harvest wet so they can harvest earlier to meet the demand of cranberries during the holidays?) and then we walked down to the bogs and ‘swam’ with cranberries.

The kids were so excited about it and have been talking about the cranberry bogs for the last few days. The farm didn’t have waders small enough for them so we just carried them into the bogs and let them dip their hands into the water to pick up cranberries.

The biggest miracle of the afternoon though? No kids fell in while watching all their friends take turns in the bogs.

I’m so glad we went and next year I want to take everyone to the Cranberry festival down on the cape!

P.S. Confession, our particular experience might have been underwhelming had we not gone with a crew of 25 friends. There were only a handful of bogs and only one (the one we took pictures in) was full of cranberries. That said, there were no other people around but our group and our guides and I appreciated the relative calm + simplicity of the event, especially given how many toddlers were running around. When I’ve asked Lincoln “what did you like about today?” over the last few days his answer has been “cranberry bogs!” even though it was almost a week ago at this point.

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