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Waterfalls // A Saturday Hike



Remember that 24 hour trip we took to New York? Well, after a slow Saturday morning around the hotel we all piled into the car and headed out for a little hike in Grimes Glen (a family favorite from our Hill Cumorah Pageant days). 
We loaded everyone up with Taste of Nature back packs filled with bars, water bottles, and frisbees (you know, the hike essentials). We’re always on the hunt for healthy snacks around these parts (especially now that I consume three times the amount of snacks I used to … I’m taking this doctors order to gain weight very seriously :P). 
clarification: by hike we mean a half hour walk on a slight incline (although the rock hopping through the river was quite the feat…at fifteen weeks pregnant I was not quite up for real hikes anytime before noon. 
Lots of pictures from the morning: 


^My mom and Ben played a little frisbee across the river as we ‘hiked.’ Not pictured is the baby snapping turtle Ben rescued and carried most of the way up to the falls. Also not pictured is the time he let Maddie carry it and while attempting to jump from one slippery rock to another, she dropped him (into the water, he was fine).



^A little water break


When we got to the falls Ben and Nicole opted for the more treacherous assent to climb up behind them (this is really the first of a few falls and from their vantage point you can see the second and third falls towering above them). I stayed firmly on the ground.

^At this point we were all ready for a snack – these Taste of Nature bars are certified organic, gluten-free certified, and non-gmo with nothing artificial (they’re also under 200 calories).

Of the six flavors (Brazilian Nut Festival, California Almond Valley, Quebec Cranberry Carnival, Canadian Maple Forest, Himalayan Goji Summit, Persian Pomegranate Garden), the Canadian Maple Forest was my favorite but Dad was all about the Brazilian Nut Festival and Cranberry Carnival. 

Ben’s been eating the rest of our stash at work for the past few weeks and with real nuts, fruits, and grains, I’m just happy he’s found a healthy alternative to the candy bowl (literally, when your company makes M&Ms there are lots of unhealthy options around the office). 

^These three are just best friends and it makes me so happy 🙂



^a little frisbee

^Frisbee is always more fun when you jump as you catch it 😉


^Some of us were more adventurous than others and braved the icy waters

^Taste of Nature bars in the freezing spray of the falls 


^^One of the mini falls on our hike back

Thanks Taste of Nature for the fun morning!

You can find your closest Taste of Nature retailer here.
(for my NH people, they carry them at A Market in Manchester and Natural Choice Market in Hookset)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own, as always.

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  1. Love the Frisbee photos. ^-^ The falls are gorgeous! It looks like you had a wonderful daycation. (I seriously need to find a waterfall fast; I've never seen one in person and these photos are killing me!)

    1. You are right Xabz Mukuba! The images are very nice and represent the natural beauty of God. I'm a tourist and like to go different places around the world. For this purpose I recently came back honolulu volcano tour with my business partner. I believe that fall is the best place to inspire the Natural beauty. My favorite falls is Niagara Falls. This fall is one of the most famous and wonder place in the world. What you think about it?