The Big Family: Christmas Pictures 2015

Over Christmas in New Hampshire we got our first picture of the expanding Earnshaw family. Growing up overseas, so far from my cousins and aunts and uncles, I never thought living close to family would be important. But, after a few years living back in New England close to extended family, and now off on our own, too many hours away from this group, all I want is to build a compound and have us all live 2 minutes apart.

I also just want all my siblings to get married and have children already, because Lincoln needs some cousins.

Just a few (okay, more than a few) pictures of a glowing New Hampshire evening just after Christmas:

^there’s nothing quite like watching your siblings love your baby (also, these two are the best)

^my siblings, they’re pretty cute 
^this is his “Mom, seriously more pictures?” face
^it was so fun watching Lincoln with his great grandparents over Christmas because by the end of the trip he had really warmed up to them and would lunge for Grandma’s arms whenever she walked in. It was such a treat for me to grow up with these two in the same house and, even if he doesn’t remember it, I’m excited to tell Lincoln about his time with them someday. 
^the men in this family have to stick together
^I love this daddy-daughter shot – and I’m also really happy about the golden back lighting of the setting sun  in this picture 
^favorite picture of the whole trip home

P.S. I designed / helped my mom order our Christmas cards from SimplyToImpress this year because they were running a great deal and I found a simple design I really liked. I was a bit hesitant because I’d never heard of them before but not only were both of us thrilled with the cards, the customer service and little details were great. I like them better than shutterfly + tiny prints and they’re a much better price point than sites like Minted and Artifact Uprising (but I do love love love our Artifact Uprising cards from this year).

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    1. I picked up the chambray vest up at baby gap on sale a month or two ago – I looked online and can't find it now (but they do have some other cute vests) but they may have it on clearance racks in store.

  1. What a cute bunch. Your brother is cute, hopefully he'll get married next?New Hampshire sure is lovely.

    1. haha – he's pretty great 🙂 and NH is wonderful …if only it weren't 12 hours away!

  2. What kind of camera/photo editing software do you use for your pictures? I love them!

    1. Just responded to your email – but these particular pictures were all with the Nikon d610 body and the nikon 50mm 1.8 lens 🙂