Sisters, Moms, Motherhood, and a Maternity Dress

Happy Sunday! Today at church I had the chance to teach some of the young women (girls age 12-18) about being self reliant spiritually and physically. It was fun to think back on the type of preparation I was really grateful for when I left home. There were little things like knowing how to make bread and do my own laundry …and bigger things like being self motivated and disciplined. But mostly, it was a reminder of how grateful I am for the woman I’ve always called mom (unless I’m in a grocery store and can’t find her, then she taught me to call her Valerie).

Recently (surprise, surprise), I’ve been thinking about what makes a good mother. There are so many things I want to teach our little guy, to help him understand and to hope that he becomes. But, as I look at my little sisters, I am starting to realize that being a mother isn’t really shaping your children into who you want them to be, but instead helping them become the best versions of themselves. In some ways, my sisters and I might as well be triplets, but I am grateful for a mom who recognized our differences and parented accordingly.

Goodness do I have big shoes to fill. 

Here are a few snaps from the birthday lunch we spent with my mother (a rather late celebration) while I was in NH last month:

^snapped this from the parking lot of my sisters’ high school while we picked them up for lunch (gorgeous, right?) 
^Bertucci’s Silano: a thin crust pizza topped with broccoli and chicken in a lemon pepper cream sauce. Its even more delicious than it sounds. (side note: Bertuccis and I have a long love affair, you can read more about it and our wedding here
^sometimes love doesn’t seem a strong enough word
^pretty crazy to think that next time I’m home with these guys we’ll be holding the baby in our arms instead! 

^I made this rather summery maternity dress ready for fall by adding a few layers and playing off the darker colors in the pattern… I love finding maternity pieces I’ll be able to wear next time around (is it crazy to be thinking about that already?) regardless of what season it’ll be. 

a few other posts from my recent trip to New Hampshire: 

dress: GAP via thredUP (don’t miss the full list of places to buy cute maternity clothes
sweater: American Eagle
boots: Michael Kors
bag: Kate Spade
headband: Banana Republic

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  1. Haha, my mother taught me to call for "Sarah" when I was lost in a crowd for the same reason! Many people turn around when you call "Mom!"

  2. Another lovely post filled with beautiful pictures of beautiful people.