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Red Dresses

I was gifted these dresses in exchange for an instagram post but I loved them so much I wanted to share them on here, too. This post is not sponsored. 

my dress // my sandals // adelaide’s dress //adelaide’s sandals

Matching mommy and me outfits are underrated. Especially when they’re pieces you’d want to wear on repeat even if your mini me didn’t have her own version.

These matching mommy and me dresses from Lorraine and Company arrived last week and I’m in love. Often I feel like I have to choose between pieces that are comfortable and pieces that make me feel like a million bucks but this dress is both of them.

On Sunday morning I pulled out our new dresses and Adelaide held very still as I pulled hers over her head. She then quickly picked up mine and handed it over, already excited to be matching. We twirled off to church and then napped, played, ate, walked, and snuggled in these dresses for the rest of the day. When I ran out of the apartment at 10 pm to finalize some details for our upcoming Greece trip, a friend commented I was still dressed – but when your clothes are more comfortable than your pajamas, you don’t change.

The only sad part was poor Lincoln bursting into tears that he didn’t also have a pretty red dress to wear :'(

The thick cotton of the Lorraine and Company dresses hangs beautifully and hits right at the knee. The dress features a flattering half sleeve and deep pockets (no chance of my phone falling out here) with enough fabric in the skirt that you can totally use the pockets without your skirt looking bulky. Also, the twirling capacity of these dresses is 100%.

The quality and style remind me a lot of the Hanna Andersson dresses I own (and grew up wearing), but these are a small step up. The cotton is a bit thicker and the fit on the women’s dresses is a bit more flattering than the HA dresses I have in similar silhouettes (although I do also love those dresses – I just love this one a little more).

It’s perfect for anything where you want to feel beautiful, look put together, and still be comfortable. And twirl with your daughter.

I just checked their facebook page and Lorraine & Company is offering 15% off their Spring line through Mothers Day with the code MOMLOVE15 Plus, at Lorraine and Company, they donate $5 for every dress to help refugee mothers around the world.




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