The Little Gym Mom & Me Date

This post is sponsored by The Little Gym. We had SO much fun at their Woburn location here in Massachusetts that I wanted to share all about it. You can find them across the US here. 

We celebrate this little girl turning two next month so before Ben set off for a few weeks of international work/travel, we took her on a date, just the three of us.

Driving to The Little Gym’s Woburn location I realized it is the only time, other than coming home from the hospital, that we have done anything just the three of us.

Adelaide was a little concerned as we drove, asking repeatedly “ere’s Winkon?? ere ee go?” (where’s Lincoln? where’d he go? ) and I wondered how she’d handle a new situation without her big brother.

Have you heard of The Little Gym before? They offer fun, educational, movement based classes that start at parent-child classes for kids as young as 4 months and go up to to kids’ dance, sports, and gymnastics classes.

Our experience with The Little Gym

We tried the Super Beasts class (Adelaide is almost two) which is one of the parent/child movement classes. We arrived a few minutes early to sign a waiver and the sweet lady at the front desk already knew Adelaide’s name. She introduced us to the instructor who gave me the run down of the class so we’d be familiar with it before we started. I was struck by how calm, soothing, and friendly everyone was!

(but maybe just because I was a bit stressed that Adelaide had only taken a 15 minute nap and was going to be crazy child?)

Before we started, the sweet instructor showed me the different areas in the room and let me know we’d be starting on the mats but if Adelaide wanted to wander over to the other equipment, not to worry about it. Thank goodness. Because about half of the time Adelaide wanted to do her own thing (usually 20% off the class was off doing their own thing at any given point). 

What we loved about The Little Gym

I thought this flexibility made it the perfect mix between structure and choice for the toddlers and I loved that it took away all pressure for me to get my giddy little one to follow instructions.

Plus, Adelaide had SO much fun just playing on the new gymnastics equipment on her own (with me and Ben) that I never felt bad when she missed out on a few of the structured activities.

It was so fun for me to be able to just spend the hour watching her interact with other kids and I love what a good job the instructor did making her feel welcome and included.

Great Mommy + Me or Daddy + Me option

Have you done any mommy + me classes? This was such a treat for me and I think it’s also a great way to schedule in time for dad’s to spend with their kids. I know it’s easier (often) for Ben to have some structure to what he’s doing and this was a great way for them to have fun together.

I’m now just over here trying to figure out when I can sneak in more classes with each of my kids one on one (there isn’t an age group where they can be together at 17 months apart). There were lots of cute moments from the day but my favorite was just watching bits of her bright and bold personality I hadn’t seen before. She wanted to try every piece of equipment and would only accept a hand after she’d tried it first herself. I love this adventurous girl of ours!

Need something fun this summer for you and your little one?

Find The Little Gym closest to you here! 


And here are a million more pictures!

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  1. I’ve been dying to try The Little Gym! I think my daughter would totally love this!