9 things to do by yourself this summer

Today we’re talking all about things to do by yourself this summer (to get out of your comfort zone, to recharge, you name it!). This post was originally published back in 2018.

I need a little bit of solo time now and then. What about you?

Have you heard the definition of introvert vs extrovert that explains you’re an extrovert if you are energized by spending time with people and an introvert if you’re energized by spending time alone?

I’m a borderline extrovert. So a lot of the time I’m energized by spending time with people. I crave connection with other women, specifically those who relate to what my life looks like right now (whether that be as a mom, as a creative, as an entrepreneur, as a wife, etc).

I also usually think that getting out of the house should be done with friends when it doesn’t involve my children. And friends are great, but I’ve found myself coming home a bit tired lately.

And then last week I found myself sitting in the Detroit airport during a layover, alone. I ordered salmon for dinner and sat alone at a high top table, taking in my surroundings. I sipped a pressed juice and tucked away the jelly beans I bought for the plane (travel indulgences all around).

It was SO relaxing!

And then I heard from a friend that she sent her husband to a movie by himself for his birthday. And while I think I’d rather hold hands with Ben during a movie, I’m fascinated by the idea of doing more of these things by myself this summer.

9 things to do by yourself this summer:

  1. Eat a meal at a sit-down restaurant (I’m thinking brunch? but I love the idea of dinner out solo as well)
  2. Go to a movie
  3. Read a magazine or a book in the park
  4. Tour a museum
  5. Go to a bookstore
  6. Get a pedicure
  7. Journal somewhere public (find a bench at a park or plaza or cafe, put away your phone, and write)
  8. Walk downtown with a favorite podcast (or playlist)
  9. Travel by myself someplace new (maybe just a day trip – maybe a flight)

I’m not adding these to my summer list but they might make yours:

  • Go to a concert solo
  • Have a spa day
  • Sing karaoke
  • Create a piece of art
  • Take a class
  • Try a new fitness class (high fitness is still a favorite of mine but I’ve been wanting to try Cardio Fuse)

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  1. I believe I am boarder line as well because even though I enjoy people I also enjoy quiet moments along. Yes, people wonder if I am okay when I disappear but I like those moments.