Reclaim Your Fridge: Best thing to do with your child’s artwork

Have your kids headed back to school?

Has the artwork started flooding home yet? 

What do you do with it? 

I’ve been guilty of sneaking art into the recycling when my kids aren’t looking. They don’t seem to mind (unless they find it before I take it out) but, inevitably, eight months later they want to show someone a specific picture they brought home from school and ask me where it went. 

For years I kept really sentimental pieces, things the kids really loved, or things I really loved (I LOVE the idea of decorating a playroom with framed abstract children’s artwork).

We hung them up on clips on their bedroom, they took over the fridge, we used washi tape to have them decorate the walls. 

And then we moved 3,000 miles across the country. 

The art didn’t make the cut. 

I am KICKING myself that we didn’t know about Artkive last year. 

Beautiful. Functional. SO Easy. 

Someone shared on IG awhile back about snapping pictures of kids art before throwing it away but I knew, even if I took the pictures, I would never get around to actually printing it (I also have grand intentions of printing an annual photobook for our family and it has happened a grand total of one time in our ten years of marriage). 

Enter Artkive. 

How Artkive works: 

All you have to do is load up the box Artkive sends you with all the pieces of art you want preserved. You mail it back (just schedule a USPS pickup from your front door online and use the Artkive pre-paid shipping label) and then wait for Artkive to send you the proof of your book.

Their team of photographers photographs each of your child’s pieces and puts them into a digital mockup. After that, you can go in and change the order, delete pages you don’t love, and add captions (my kids and I had a lot of fun naming each of their creations together before we sent our book to print). 

Benefits of Artkive:

  • SO easy. I can’t emphasize this enough. As a busy mom with grand plans of doing all the Pinterest things, I love that Artkive delivers a beautiful, personalized product with very little effort on my part. 
  • Ditch the originals (reclaim your fridge). Artkive gives you the option to have your original artwork shipped back to you, but I just told the kids we were shipping off their art to get turned into a book and they were pumped. It has been the one time they were really okay to part with creations. 
  • Celebrate your kids: I was first excited about Artkive because of the problem it solved for me and I have been pleasantly surprised by how excited my kids are about it. They LOVE having a book of their art to look through and show off. You can tell they feel celebrated and important now that we have the book in our living room. 
  • Easily add-on a framed mosaic print of the art pieces or addition copies of the books (think grandparent gifts). 

What are you waiting for? Go order your box right now on the Artkive website! Use my special promo code: ELISABETH20 to save $20 off your first order! 

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