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Puddle Jumping

Some days as a mother prove to be great birth control for future children. Some days I am very tempted to put both babies in their cribs and hide out in the car with the stereo turned up (I haven’t yet). Some days I am jealous of a husband who goes off to work with other adults who do not cry every time one of their needs isn’t being met.

But some days Lincoln takes his new rain boots out for the first time. And some days I die a bit at how cute my son is in a rain jacket. And some days I rediscover the simple joy of jumping in puddles.

Being their mama is the most requiring thing I have ever done, and some nights (like tonight), I come up very short. But being their mama is also the most joyful thing I have ever experienced and so tonight I’ll look at pictures of Lincoln jumping in puddles and remember that tomorrow will be better.


Lincoln’s shirt + rain jacket were a gift from Little Me. We picked up his shorts at Primark while in England this spring and his hunter boots were a gift from Janie and Jack. 

My rain jacket is from J.Crew but it’s sold out. My jeans are Paige Denim via thredUP (I found them for under $30!) and my shoes are these Birkenstocks that I’ve been living in this summer. 

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  1. Being a mom is just hard. Crying is something that makes me very anxious. His and your outfit is so cute. Love the yellow and red. Love

  2. The intensity of mothering is what makes it so hard and so wonderful. I love the intentionality (that should be a word) with which you do it.