Post Partum Skin Routine


I feel like I finally got my pregnancy skin under control, and then Adelaide decided to show up and the post partum hormones + lifestyle started wreaking their havoc. About three weeks ago skin care crept up high enough on my priority list that I took the time to start a new skin routine, and the results have been worth talking about.

I’ve been using Laniege’s Bright Renew line and overall my skin is more balanced, clear, and tight. Laniege has perfected the K-beauty routine with this line and it’s only available at Target (and, thank goodness). It’s a seven step process that I’ll list below so you can see how I’m using each product, but my all-time favorite of the line is the BB cushion. I’ve been using it instead of makeup most days and it gives just the right amount of coverage. I’ve never used a a product quite like this one before and my skin is a huge fan. It, along with the rest of the products, uses the Laneige patented technology to hydrate the skin from inside the cells (don’t ask me how – but it is super hydrating).

Cleanse: I use the foaming cleanser with my new clarisonic mia once or twice a day. The papaya extract helps remove makeup and sunscreen and gently exfoliates.

Clarify: Following the cleanser I use a cotton ball to apply the toner which, in addition to maintaining the skin’s ideal pH and moisture levels, promotes active cell turnover.

Balance: I moisturize with the Bright Renew Emulsion that brightens with a combo of truffle-yeast and green tea. Plus, it feels amazing.

Treat: I’ve totally bought into serums over the last few years and this one revitalizes and retexturizes skin and has evened out my skin tone over the last few weeks.

Moisturize: I use the Bright Renew Original Cream once a day, in addition to the Bright Renew Emulsion, for a bit of added moisturizer. It helps brighten, renew, and protect my face.

Revive: Every couple of days I apply the Water Sleeping Mask and I wake up with softer and visibly brighter skin.

Protect: The last step is this BB Cushion that provides coverage, contains SPF 50, hydrates, and brightens skin! At $34 this product is my favorite of the whole set.


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