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Our newest addition: gender reveal

Baby #2 is halfway here, healthy as can be, and clearly a little girl!

I’m curious to see how having a baby girl is really different from a baby boy when they’re still so small, and while I’m mostly excited for newborn cuddles, the more I think about having a daughter, the happier I get. Although it’s funny, because before Lincoln I wanted lots and lots of girls. After Lincoln I was content to have my own gaggle of young men. And now, well, we’ll just see 🙂

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  1. I was so proud of myself for not harassing you at church today to know!!! I love my little man, but baby girls are another thing all together :). Such fun times ahead!

    1. oh you could have asked! personally, I'm a huge fan of harassment when it involves talking all things pregnancy and baby 🙂

  2. Yay!!! How exciting! I love having a boy, but I think a girl would be lots of fun! All those sweet dresses, baby bonnets and darling shoes! Lucky you 🙂

    1. and here I had settled into loving being a boy mom – it'll be interesting to see the difference!

  3. Funny how that works! Before our daughter I wanted a ton of little boys. Then we had her and I was like, okay I'd love a bunch of girls! Now we're pregnant with a boy and I'm wondering if I'll just want a bunch of both after.

    1. lol – we're in the same (yet opposite) boat. we'll have to wait and see!

  4. I remember the last time we chatted you thought the baby was probably a girl. Turns out you were right! So exciting!

    1. thanks Anne! yes – and she'll probably come out loving bread and butter the same way Lincoln loves protein and broccoli #pregnancycravings

    1. thanks! we're pretty excited 🙂
      although at some point we'll need to have another baby boy so we can reuse all these cute clothes Lincoln wore no more than three times 🙂

  5. Congratulations!!!!! As a mom of two little girls, I may be a bit bias here, but I truly think that it is SO MUCH FUN having a girl!! (Even though I am sure having a little boy is also just the sweetest ?) Congrats again!!

  6. That is great news. Bonnets here we come. Please let us know where that jacket came from. LOVE it