snow day

Not much today just:

1. Every adult should own a onesie – especially if you experience cold winters. You get bonus points if you and your siblings own matching ones.

2. In the spirit of “TSwift solves everything,” we had a car dance party to ‘Shake it Off’ today and in the middle of my epic car moves, I burst into tears. Twenty seconds later I was laughing at myself. Lincoln must think I’m crazy. One day his wife will be pregnant and he won’t even remember enough to understand.

3. I’m ready to throw away 60% of the stuff we own just so there is less of it to clean up and put away. Who needs this much stuff anyway?

4. Benjamin is a rock star. And an angel. And the only reason my sanity is still mostly intact.


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pictures from Christmas break with my sisters – the onesies are Abercrombie from TJ Maxx over the summer (there were miraculously three on the clearance rack and they were so awesome we overlooked our general deep rooted disgust with the brand/it’s marketing and purchased them) – the closest I could find online are the grey ones above .. and you should probably get one. or four. 

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