Our Easiest Summer Dinner [15 minute carbonara]

I haven’t been home much this past month meaning that I also haven’t cooked. It also means that when I go to cook, there is very little food in the pantry (but we have a pantry now! #ilovelife). 
This is nothing fancy and literally takes 15 minutes from start to finish, but, its our comfort food and no matter how simple it is, we love it. You could jazz it up with some bacon, or fresh parm, but the fake stuff stores better and so its far more likely I have some in the fridge when I get back from a two week trip. 
15 minute carbonara:
What you’ll need:
1. Pasta (we use whole wheat).  Half a box feeds both of us if we’re starving. 
2. Parmesan cheese (we use the green bottle fake stuff unless I’ve thought ahead)
3. Frozen peas (we use the cheapest store brand option)
4. Heavy whipping cream (Half a pint is plenty for two) 
5. Eggs (we use one per serving. aka if two people are eating, use two eggs)
6. Black pepper (to sprinkle on top) 
What you do:
1. Boil water and add pasta and frozen peas. Cook according to instructions on pasta box (usually about 10 minutes). 
2. Drain and put it back in hot pan on stove (that you’ve now turned to low). 
3. Crack eggs on pasta/peas and stir until completely coated. Continue stirring on low heat for two minutes (to cook the egg). 
4. At this point, you can add the cream to the whole mixture, or you can separate the pasta into individual bowls and add cream then (that’s what we do because Ben likes less cream than me :). Add a few tablespoons of cream per serving but really, just wing it. Add cream till pasta is lightly coated.
5. Sprinkle on LOTS of parmesan cheese and top with black pepper.
VOILA – 15 minute carbonara (and with the whole wheat pasta and the protein filled eggs, I can almost forget the cream and call it healthy). 
And because I like to photograph my food until it gets cold: 





Speaking of food – any vegas food recommendations for while we’re here? 


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  1. Sounds easy (and flavorful) enough! Thanks for the recipe. Pinned to my "I'll Make this Someday" board and I will actually attempt to make it tonight. 🙂

  2. Uhm that looks amazing! I'm definitely going to have to try it out. And I love how simple it is(:

  3. Anything that has the words "15 minutes" and "carbonara" in the same sentence is a must-try.

    Hope Vegas is awesome this week!

  4. I LOVE carbonara! secret: I actually don't use any milk or cream when I make mine – I just mix the egg(s) and parm together and then add in the peas and bacon! It's definitely still rich enough for me. Jon makes his with whole milk though and he refuses to admit that it can be made without…

    so whenever I make it for the both of us I include a splash of 2% milk – and he hasn't noticed the difference between that and whole milk! worth a try, if you want?

  5. I'd love to try this! I'm looking for more simple meals to make in the evenings. Adding this to the meal plan for the week!

  6. I am eating this right now. I didn't add the cream just because I didn't have it on hand but it came out pretty tasty. Thanks for posting!