My Best Friend’s Wedding

I have been rather behind at getting photos from significant life events edited and up on the blog this summer. But anyway, in June I had the chance to fly home for two weeks to be in one of my favorite cousin’s and best friend’s wedding. I’ve shared a little bit about how special Olivia is here but this bride was one of the most beautiful inside and out. Throughout the day she was concientious of others, not even selfish on the one day we could have expected it. They had a gorgeous reception up in Maine the night before the wedding complete with lots of lace, plenty of burlap, and homemade vanilla for flavors. The next morning they were married in the Boston Temple (where I got married) by my grandpa. Being surrounded by family in the temple is to glimpse heaven and I am so grateful to have such an amazing family.
Her and her husband are moving to Pittsburg next month and so we’ll only be a few hours away! Here are some pictures from the weekend: 
All the bridesmaids: Caitlin (maid of honor), bride, me, Ellen (best friend)
^^Loved this idea for favors. Now we have something I use on the regular that reminds us of the weekend. It also reminds me of the olive oil favors we did for our wedding. 



My cousin (the bride’s sister) made the cake and cupcakes. How talented is she?!
^Brian, the groom, rocked a fabulous Portugese suit and I caught this shot of him goofing off. After lots of years, I’m so happy these two finally got married. 



^more cousins and cusbies (our term for cousin’s babies)


^^Those same lanterns were decor at my reception in 2011 🙂 



^mother daughter shot (love those curls!)





^so much happiness


^we have this same picture at each of our weddings – best cousins 🙂

^how gorgeous is this setting?

^after the ceremony in Boston the following morning

^that grin says it all

^Boston Temple where we were married by my grandpa two years ago

^we snapped a few pictures of my family after the ceremony

P.S. I totally wore my bridesmaid dress from Aria to church the next day and throughout the summer. I love when brides choose dresses that are gorgeous and wearable after the event. Olivia chose colors and helped me pick out this number. She has good taste. 
For more of her wedding pictures, and their lighthouse photo shoot, check out her photographers website here!




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  1. Beautiful pics from a beautiful wedding. I love to see how close you are to cousins. Family is awesome!

  2. beautiful pictures!!! i actually did the same "pick your own blue dress" for my bridesmaids 😉

  3. Beautiful photos and great captures! Ya'll are all adorable!

    I live in Pittsburgh so if your cousin needs someone to help them out with ideas of places to live, eat, see, etc I can shoot you my email for her. And of course, if you are ever in the area, I could be y'alls tour guide:)

    (I promise I am not a creepy stalker! Even though I am pretty sure that would be the first thing a creepy stalker would say:-P)