35 Outdoor dates: fun and mostly free

I am a firm believer in dating your spouse but whether you’re married, dating, or just having fun – here’s a fun list of summer date ideas that will get you outside. I get a little antsy if I’m cooped up on a gorgeous summer afternoon and its always a shame to waste a whimsical summer evening indoors. Ben and I won’t get through all of these this summer, but they’re a few that I’m adding to our summer date list:

  1. Plant a garden
  2. Pick berries
  3. Cook over a campfire (or just make dessert)
  4. Go to a zoo
  5. Grab an old blanket and go stargazing
  6. Play in the sprinklers
  7. Race toy boats (or sticks, paper boats, leaves, or anything else that floats) down a stream
  8. Make a slip ‘n slide
  9. Brush up on your rollerblading skills
  10. Go geocashing (google it)
  11. Collect sea shells on the beach
  12. Picnic in the park
  13. Sip sparkling cider in a gazebo by starlight
  14. Play at a splash pad (channel your inner toddler)
  15. Play hopscotch 
  16. Taste test at a local food festival
  17. Photo scavenger hunt (great group date) 
  18. Hit up a local fair or carnival
  19. Go garage sailing! You can look up neighborhood yard sales and hunt for treasures (usually early Saturday mornings – maybe head to breakfast afterwards?)
  20. Find a free outdoor concert
  21. Makeout Watch a drive in movie
  22. Dine al fresco at a favorite restaurant (find one that has outdoor seating a nd pick a cool evening)
  23. Fly a kite
  24. Play with water balloons (water balloon toss or a less civilized water balloon fight). If you wanna get crazy, fill them with something other than water. 
  25. Ice blocking! (I’d never heard of it till I moved to Utah, but its a thing)
  26. Watch the sun rise or set
  27. Grab your favorite poetry book (or print off something) and read poetry to each other by he lake. The worse you are at it, the funnier it will be. 
  28. Go on a photo walk (explore a new or old neighborhood through your lens)
  29. Swing at a park
  30. Put away at miniature golf (ice cream afterwards is a must) 
  31. Go to a farmers market
  32. Bring your laptop, a redbox, and a blanket and watch a movie somewhere outside
  33. Feed the birds at a local pond. 
  34. Find a rooftop restaurant (I’ve never done this – and now its at the top of my list)
  35. Rent a dog for an afternoon (its a real thing) 

And if this happens to be your first date, here are some great suggestions on what to wear! 

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  1. If you're going to leave a rude comment, get it right. Cider. Who drinks spiders?

    1. thanks for the catch! (something about sipping and sparkling just makes you want to start the next word with an s 🙂

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