Newport Pier + a Happy List

These pictures are from a chilly Saturday in Newport, RI, the day after our Newport Ball. We stayed with lots of friends right on the water and the trip made me feel a lot better about NOT living next to the ocean with two toddlers (everything felt like a close call). Here are a few things that ARE making me happy right now, in addition to Adelaide’s face in that middle picture after outfit details.

  1. This month’s book club book “Little Fires Everywhere.” I’m halfway through and just started the audiobook this morning. It’s a nice, lighter, break from the parenting + white privilege books I’ve been listening to lately. [updated to add: it’s getting more thoughtful and thematic with each chapter now…getting me to think about some tough issues around class + motherhood]
  2. The promise of California next week! I’m heading out for a blogging summit in Pasadena and am excited for the inspiration + motivation along with the chance for a full nights sleep.
  3. This Boston spring weather! Boston has finally realized it’s the end of April and the weather is acting accordingly. It means we can spend our mornings or afternoons at the park and leave the house without winter coats for the first time in six months.
  4. Adelaide’s obsession with dancing + chatting all the time.
  5. Overhearing Lincoln apologize to Adelaide and make sure she was okay, unprompted, after he’d knocked the door into her. It feels like so much of my life is just managing the interactions between these two and it felt SO awesome to hear them implementing what we’ve been working on for the first time on their own.
  6. Sisters! Both my sisters come home to New England for the summer in the next two months (one this weekend and one in June). My youngest has been off at college and my oldest sister (6 years younger than me) has been teaching the people in Korea about Jesus as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints for the last year and a half. We’re so excited to hug both of them.
  7. Old friends. And new friends that are starting to feel like old friends. I’m already sad about the thought of this phase of life being over next year when Ben graduates but right now, right now it feels like we’ve settled in and are right at home.


outfit details //

on me: Sweatshirt: Campus store

denim: AG boat

shoes: Sperrys

sunglasses: Banana Republic 

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