Everything you need in a Diaper Changing Station

When you’re in the throes of planning for a new baby, there are a million things you’re trying to do, I know. You want to decorate a nursery, pick a baby name, stock up on everything you’ll need, and most of all – you just want to take a nap (or sleep all night long without having to wake up to pee).

You don’t need everything on this list when your baby is first born but they’re all things I recommend having over the course of the first year. For a lot of them, you won’t need it until you NEED it so if you’re looking to get organized before the baby arrives, just go ahead and stock your changing table with these from the start.

Diaper Station Checklist: 

Fantastic Diapers

With my first baby I tried five different brands of diapers over the first year or two and always came back to Pampers. My second baby has only worn Pampers. We love them because they keep my babies dry  and lead to less chance of blowouts. Basically, they do their job better than any of the other diapers we’ve tried.

We discovered the brand Dyper with our fourth baby and switched to those. I love how they’re more gentle on the environment without sacrificing quality or functionality. 


You never want to run out of wipes (the only thing worse is running out of diapers). I like keeping a reusable wipe bin on hand and then stocking up on the wipe inserts. I keep a few of the bags handy for diaper bags or traveling.

Pampers Aqua Pure wipes launched alongside the Pampers Pure diapers and are made with 99% water, 0% alcohol, and with no parabens, dyes, and fragrances. These are great for sensitive skin, changing diapers when your little one has a diaper rash, and wiping hands and faces when you’re out and about. I love knowing there is no alcohol on the wipes so I’m more likely to use them to wipe a runny nose or get peanut butter off of my little one’s face with them. 

We also love Water Wipes but Pampers Pure are a better price point. 

Infant Thermometer

The last thing you want to be guessing about is how sick your child is and whether or not you should take them to the doctor. When you call in to your pediatrician about a sick child, they’ll almost always ask what your baby’s temperature is.

Consider a thermometer that takes the temperature from the ear. It is so much quicker and easier with a fussy, sick baby.

Nail Clipper

Clipping baby’s nails is no small feat but it is definitely made easier by having an infant nail clipper. You’ll use this almost immediately to keep your little ones nails short (so they don’t scratch themselves).

Toothbrush + Toothpaste

While you don’t need to start brushing teeth until your baby actually has teeth, it isn’t a bad idea to grab this while you’re in the nesting mode.

Make sure you get a fluoride-free toothpaste (so it’s safe for your little one to swallow) and start making teeth brushing a fun part of your evening routine early on.

Diaper Cream

When a diaper rash hits, you don’t want to have to drive to the store to grab this relief for your baby. We’ve used a few different brands over the years and don’t have one that we swear by yet but just be sure to pick up something to have on hand.

Baby Powder

Whether it is helping dry out crevices after a bath or dusting over diaper cream to help settle a diaper rash, baby powder is a go-to in our house.

Infant Pain Reliever

It always seems that our little ones wake up in the middle of the night with fevers – not an ideal time to run to the store to pick some of this up. Keep one in the back of the drawer so whether it’s a fever of a rough day of shots, you’ll have it when you need it.

Baby Lotion

Baby’s skin is sensitive and depending on your climate (or their skin) your little one might struggle with dry skin. And even if they don’t, a little lotion massage after bath time is supposed to help them sleep better, and anything for more sleep, right?

Extra pacifiers

Always extra pacifiers. Always.

Nasal Aspirator

A nasal aspirator sucks the mucus out of the baby’s nose because they’re too small to blow their own noses. It’s SO helpful in clearing out the passageways, especially before bed so they can fall asleep more easily. The NoseFrida is the best we’ve found. 


We used a humidifier regularly when our little ones were sick in an effort to help clear them up sooner and make it easier for them to sleep. We just grabbed a cheap one but they also have really darling child-themed humidifiers that would look cute on the shelf in a nursery!

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