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Kittery Favorites // Robert’s Maine Grill

Over our Christmas holiday to New Hampshire my mom and I spent a fun morning shopping in Kittery, Maine (mostly so I could try and find these pajamas for Ben at the outlet because they were on back order online). We spent quite a bit of time looking at tiny baby clothes and wondering if the growing bump is going to be wearing dresses or bow ties this time next year.

After a few hours of shopping we stopped in at Robert’s Maine Grill for lunch (because this pregnant lady can go a solid three hours without eating before I have to work really hard at not being cranky). My mom has been a handful of times and we got recommendations from the local sales clerks who all raved about something or other on the menu. If you’re in town, it is the spot to go for lunch (or if you’re not in town, coupled with the outlets or the beach front, its worth a drive).

Here are a few snaps from our little mother/son/grandma date:

^We started with calamari that would make my California husband jealous…but the cherry pepper relish is what really made the appetizer

^I’m really soaking up every last opportunity to go out to eat with this little guy because he is so fun to take to restaurants (and because come June I’m pretty sure you won’t see me hauling two children to a restaurant for a few years). He smiles at everyone and loves to try everything. The calamari was no exception – he had at least a third of the platter!

^When in Maine, blueberry anything is a must and this lemonade did not disappoint. 

^so he didn’t eat the full tiny octopus, but it was worth a picture 😀
^my mom ordered the daily special of Lobster tacos and they tasted even better than they look (and Lincoln got to try lobster 🙂

^he also almost got to go swimming with these guys before I regained my hold on him #hesaquickone
^I’ve made a note to come back here when I’m not pregnant (shellfish + oysters + lobster), but I was a happy camper with my Mac N Cheese (that I’ve been craving ever since), and the bacon burger with carmelized onions was pretty great too. 
^when the burger is taller than your mouth is wide… 
^what really blew me away was the KIDS MEAL we got for Lincoln. the fresh haddock, mashed potatoes, and seasoned carrots would have been a delicious meal for me to eat (and I might have had most of it for lunch the next day because Lincoln was so full of calamari to eat much). easily the best kids meal I’ve ever seen. hands down. 
^just looking at this picture has me missing New England already.

P.S. My New England friends, have you been to Robert’s? What did you love?

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  1. What a great trip! Maine is my favorite place in the world, it's lobster heaven! You made me hungry and thirsty for another trip there. Great post!

    1. it is such a fun place to go – I'm a bit partial to New Hampshire but New England, overall, is wonderful 🙂

  2. New England always looks so gorgeous! and that restaurant made my stomach growl just by looking at it! I'll definitely keep this in mind when I travel there!

    1. you should! I'd also recommend portsmouth for a darling New England town on the coast in New Hampshire 🙂

  3. Looking at these pictures reminds me of my summer in Maine. I was at Sabago Lake on a lake house and remember driving through kittery. I love the tiny towns and the Lobster everything. Definately the best seafood around. I also love the blueberries. My baby would never sit in a restaurant. Maybe boys are better, but my little girl would scream in any restaurant.

    1. Oh really? Maybe its a boy thing? I think its just a food thing. He is happy to just sit there and look at everything and eat EVERYTHING. He's starting to get a little more high maintenance at restaurants so our window is closing…but it has been a little treat being able to take him places without too much hassle.

      I've never been to Sabago lakes but we've spent many a summer week on a New England lake – such a pretty place 🙂