Baby’s First Snow

We had an unusually warm Christmas in New Hampshire (oh and we finally made it home to Ohio after two days of driving … remind me that road trips with babies are not something I want to do again). But, the weather did whip into shape in time to give us a winter wonderland for a full day and Lincoln got to experience his first snow outing.

We dressed him in so many layers (he’s wearing fleece pants AND fleece lined jeans here), and other than having to hunt for some mismatched baby gloves in my parents mud room, he was pretty set. Mostly he just got frustrated that it was too hard to crawl around while being so bundled but there were no tears and plenty of smiles so we’ll chalk it up to a success.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!
P.S. Lincoln’s fleece lined jeans were a clearance find at the GAP outlets over break and his jacket is second hand from Once Upon a Child. Confession: 80% of what I buy for Lincoln comes from Once Upon a Child or thredUP (both second hand stores) because you can get practically unworn baby clothes for a fraction of the price. 

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