Last Minute Gifts (that I’ve bought)

I love looking through gift guides online to get inspiration for what to purchase over the holidays, but I’m often convinced people added items just to fill up their page or have more items in a certain category or price range. Instead of finding my favorite things online that I would love to purchase (but haven’t) this year for you, here’s a list of things we have already or have picked up as gifts this year.

  • Saranoni Blankets: These are our VERY favorite blankets around here. We have one full sized blanket I use daily, a smaller one that keeps Linc warm at night, and another even smaller one that he sleeps with up against his face (I just ordered a second one of these and another set to use as gifts). 
  • Paul Mitchel Curling Wand: My favorite curling wand and they have a new beautiful limited edition white one that just arrived and is perfect for the holidays. 
  • Mint & Lavender Shampoo: Everyone uses shampoo, so this gift manages to be practical while still being a bit indulgent. Another Paul Mitchel favorite (I’ve been using A LOT of their stuff this year), this smells amazing and has helped my hair so much. 
  • Daniel Wellington Watch: If you’re looking for something on the pricier side, I got this watch for Ben earlier this year and he loves it (I have one too and wear it almost every day). If you’re looking for a cheaper version I’ve heard awesome things about these and think this is a great unique alternative (I don’t have the former but I do own the latter). 
  • Home Tee: These are THE SOFTEST tees that our family owns (and I feel a bit funny being able to say the whole family owns one because even Lincoln has a tiny Ohio shirt). These are great personal gifts for anyone on your list, regardless of age. You can pick your home state or a country of choice. 
  • I also love doing homemade food gifts and shared a few ideas on things you can make (the spiced nuts are something we give to my father-in-law almost every year). Last year I also gave friends tiny loaves of our harvest loaf cake (a glazed chocolate chip pumpkin bread) and I shared the recipe in October here. 
  • DIY mugs: Here’s an easy tutorial (I’ve made many of them) for mugs you can make and then fill with your favorite hot chocolate, Christmas candy, or anything else. 
  • Artisan Slate Photo Books: I ordered one of these for someone on our list this year and I love that they’ll mail it directly to the recipient without any branding or pricing info. Plus, if it’s your first book you get the $30 product for their introductory offer of $5. So you should at least order one. 😉 Disclaimer: I haven’t actually seen the quality of this book but it comes recommended from a friend who’s husband uses it for higher quality photography projects (aka better than shutterfly and less expensive than artisan uprising). 
image from Christmas LAST year when I was quite pregnant 

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