First Christmas Morning

Lincoln was more enthused with the trash than the gifts on Christmas and nothing could hold his attention for more than about 30 seconds. But, there was nothing cuter than that baby in his striped pajamas, learning to play his new instruments with his daddy and my heart grew a few sizes. I also got a two hour nap in before noon so you know it was a great day. Here are just a few pictures from Christmas morning:


^santa (ahem, my parents) brought Lincoln a new set of instruments for Christmas after he spent the few days leading up to it loving an old recorder my mom found

P.S. Growing up all my siblings had striped Hanna Andersson pajamas so for Lincoln’s First Christmas I finally got around to getting the same jammies to open on Christmas Eve. You can bet he wore them all day. (we’ve had another non-Christmas pair of these for Linc for a few months and they’re my favorite pajamas)

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  1. I love those pajamas, I'm sad I didn't buy them for the family this year! Ps. I'm so happy about the announcement in your newsletter! 🙂