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Melt-in-your-mouth Caramel Hot Chocolate

A few weeks ago I shared a fun mint hot chocolate + ice cream concoction and it was so good we decided to experiment with a caramel version. The best part about this one is that you don’t need any special kind of hot chocolate because its the creamer + ice cream combo that make it so good. So, do yourself a favor and curl up with one of these and your favorite Christmas movie for a deliciously cozy evening in.

I picked up everything I needed for this post at Target (the creamer is refrigerated but they also have some non refrigerated options by the coffee + hot chocolate). I did have to exercise quite a bit of self control not to buy all their darling Christmas decorations (and I couldn’t resist picking up some Christmas jammies for Lincoln).

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 1 packet regular hot chocolate
  • Dunkin Donuts Extra Extra Creamer in caramel (available at Target)
  • whipped cream
  • dulce de leche ice cream (or some vanilla based ice cream with caramel swirled in)
  • caramel sauce for garnish, optional
Simply add the creamer and ice cream to a cup of steaming hot chocolate and top with whipped cream and extra caramel. Its as yummy as it is simple.

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