Labor Day at Gooch’s Beach, Kennebunk


So Ben getting to study at Harvard is great, living in Boston is fun, our new friends are awesome, but the best part about this whole experience is being easy driving distance from family.

Labor day meant another city escape up to the beach house in Kennebunk, Maine with grandparents, cousins, and plenty of sunshine.

Lincoln had been looking forward to this Monday beach trip all week and before we’d even gotten him out of his crib that morning he shouts “Lets go to the beach!” There’s nothing quite like toddler enthusiasm, is there?

We spent both the morning and the afternoon on the beach with a solid block of afternoon naps in between. Ben had to spend a few hours working on cases and I snuck in a bit of reading and a nap myself. What I really loved, though, was getting to watch Lincoln and Adelaide play with my grandparents, their great-grandparents in the sand. In their 80s and 90s, they’re so good about being involved with the great-grand kids (my dad’s mom even taught Lincoln how to play Uno last month!).

Lots of pictures:

^She loves the water..until she sits down in it

^We were up here for the fourth of July and Adelaide was just taking a few steps! So fun to see the progress she’s made since then 

^Little cousins climbing walls 

Adelaide with Great-grandma Mary Jo!

^both of her great-grandmas 

^Lincoln taking a nap under his “sand blanket” 

pretty sure we’re just going to have to live in New England forever- or bring these two with us wherever we move next 

product details:

Adelaide’s swimsuit was a gift from Kortni Jeane and Lincoln’s suit was sent over by Little Me. Ben’s suit is available in a few different colors/prints but this lobster one has sold out.

it’s also worth noting this sunscreen stick is the best thing for applying sunscreen to kid’s faces. SO much easier than regular sunscreen.

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  1. I’m dying at Adelaide’s swimsuit!!! And the picture of her laying in the sand, too cute!

  2. How cute is this website and how cute are you?! You have got some serious skills, girl!

  3. Glad you are mentioning Harvard in post. I figured he went to school there seeing posts from Cambridge. I just wasnt sure you felt comfortable mentioning his school so I didn’t want to ask. What a huge honor that he hoes there. You probably want to appear humble, but if my hubby got accepted to Harvard, I would probably shout to the world on a regular basis. congratulations to you both. Such a huge honor to you both.

  4. Hello, I love the beautiful pictures and I adore new england. I visited both me and NH so I fell in serious love with both. The narrow country roads, the country stores, the homes spread far apart by thick woods, the ponds, the fall leaves. I could go on. My husband is working on his MBA. I not sure about jobs back there, but I would love if he got job back there. So what is your hubby studying at harvard? He must be very smart. That a very prestigious school.