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Fourth of July in Kennebunk, ME


We traded the California coast last week for the beach in Kennebunk for the Fourth of July this year. After a full day of flying across the country on Monday, Tuesday was just what we needed.

We spent the day at our cousin’s beach house up in Maine with lots of family and even more watermelon. We ate good food, the kids took LOTS of naps, and we spent hours playing on the beach.

I have so many memories of this beach + beach house growing up and it was fun to be back, with the same cousins, but all grown up with kids of our own. Definitely worth flying across the country for 🙂 .

It was also the beach we took the whole wedding party to for a day of fun before the wedding and Ben and I hadn’t been back together since.

My cousin and I took the same long walk across the beach and this time, instead of talking about schoolwork or crushes, we chatted about parenting and life plans. We snacked on the same cookies and marshmallow brownies and I slipped a few bites to Lincoln who quickly declared, “Want my OWN of dat, mama.” He knows the good stuff 🙂 .

Ben and I played frisbee on the sand while the kids napped and a few of us were daring enough to brave the ice-cold water for a dip.

We skipped the fireworks to get the kids home at a reasonable hour and watched the sunset over the trees as we drove back to New Hampshire. I held Ben’s hand and pointed out airplanes and bridges to Lincoln, and I was reminded how grateful I am to live in this country – how grateful I am to be raising my children in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Being born in Japan, American pride came slowly for me but today it runs deep. We had Lincoln shouting, “Happy Birthday America” across the beach and I hope, as he grows up, he comes to love this country like I do.

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July and got to spend it with ones you love!



My shirt: this chambray tee is a few years old but it’s been a staple every summer and into fall. Target has this super similar one on sale right now and I found a few other options online:

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Lincoln’s suit + Adelaide’s suit are from Little Me and 50% off right now

Ben’s lobster + seersucker suit in stock here from J. Crew Factory (and I’m a huge fan of the 7″  length they have right now)

Lots more pictures:

^After almost five hours at the beach in one day, this guy was exhausted

^When Lincoln could finally be convinced to get out of the water he probably could have fallen asleep right there on Ben’s shoulder

^One of the highlights of being home this summer? Spending time with this sister of mine before she heads of to college

^The cooperative building lasted only a few minutes before Lincoln turned into a little destroyer (good thing Grandpa loves him) 

^Maybe her knees were getting sore but this is how she crawled across the sand 

^Adelaide was taking nap #1 during this pictures – basically here and Lincoln tag teamed naps in the pack n play for a solid 5 hours of our visit 

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  1. Those pictures in ME bring back so many memories of when I was there during the 4th of July over 20 years ago. I was in Portland and we sailed out on the ocean and I loved the light houses of Cape Elizabeth and surrounding areas, the very rocky beaches and the down to earth people. Not too many LDS people out there, but the warmest, down to earth people I have ever met and I am yearning to go back one day. Love love love it out there like nothing else. PS. My daughter does that same crawl when she doesn’t like her knees to touch the sand. I think they try to protect their delicate knees. It is adorable to watch.

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