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Fruit Juice Slushy Recipe

This post has been sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have the easiest summer “treat” for you to whip up with your toddler today, especially if you’re struggling with sweltering weather like we are in New England right now.

Lincoln, at two and a half, is at this fun age where he seems to remember everything. If we do something fun he’ll talk about it for days! So, you can bet for almost a week after we made these slushies, Lincoln was talking about how yummy, how “dewicious,” and how cold they were.

The trick for me is to find something that is exciting for my toddler, but is simple enough that I can easily do it again, you know? When he asks to make slushies it is super easy for me to say yes because it only requires that I have two things on hand and two minutes to spare.

I picked up some more Honest Kids juice boxes at Sam’s Club so we had an assortment of flavors and plenty on hand. We also grabbed a few easy summer snacks for all of these warm afternoons. In addition to the peanut butter filled Members Mark pretzels that we like to keep stocked, we decided to try their Indulgent Trail Mix with nuts, dried fruit, and mini peanut butter cups (and Ben and I have been sneaking handfuls of this trail mix all week long).

One afternoon, when Lincoln woke up from his nap, we blended a frozen Honest Kids juice box with a non-frozen one. I let Lincoln pick out the colors/flavors he wanted to mix together and he covered his ears, grinning at the blender while he watched his concoction. All I did was pour the final product into a little cup and we enjoyed our summer treat with a straw on the porch with some snacks.

Super easy, right? But Lincoln keeps asking to make them again and mixing it up with different flavors keeps it a little different each time. My favorite combo so far is Super Fruit Punch and Goodness Grapeness but we haven’t tried a combo that we don’t like.

As a mom, I love that this summer treat has less sugar in it than leadings kids fruit drinks and I can recognize all the ingredients on the back of the juice box.

All in all, I got the same enthusiasm and excitement as when we bake together with much less prep and almost no cleanup. You can bet we’ll be doing this all summer long.

For your own Honest Kids Slushees, here is the SUPER easy recipe:

What You’ll Need:

  • Frozen Honest Kids juice boxes*
  • Unfrozen Honest Kids juice boxes

What You’ll Do:

  • Cut open the frozen juice box to put the frozen juice in a blender.
  • Add one non-frozen juice box to the blender.
  • Following the settings on your blender for ice crushing, blend until smooth and slushy.
  • Serve with a fun straw and enjoy!

*If you forget to freeze these ahead of time you can also just use ice cubes. The slushee gets a little bit more watered down as the ice melts but Lincoln didn’t mind when we tried it this way.

these fruit juice slushies toddler approved and the perfect summer treat! find the recipes for these easy homemade summer slushies for kids


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  1. This fruit juice slushy recipe is really fantastic. Your presentation is amusing too see. Summer has gone but I will try this recipe next year, I just make a note.