Chicago Favorites // Navy Pier over Labor Day

Ben and I spent this weekend just outside Chicago and while most of it was spent cooped up in a hotel (me training and him studying), we did venture into the city after everything wrapped up on Monday. I visited Navy Pier in November but this was my first time in the summer and Ben’s first Chicago experience. Yes, its a little touristy, but on a 75 degree day with blue skies and billowing clouds, you can’t pass up a beautiful windy view of the water. 
We spent a few hours just wandering the pier, eating very expensive ice-cream (its practially robbery, I’m telling you), and dancing as the 90s band played cover after cover. Next time we’re in Chicago we’ll be a little less touristy, unless its another beautiful day, and then you can bet we’ll be right back at the waters edge. 
^^These people were holding up a proposal sign for someone on the ferris wheel! 

^Whenever I get Haagen-Dazs I get something with caramel – yum šŸ™‚

^Its hard to guess we’re just outside a bustling city. 

Inside Navy Pier they have a neat stained glass museum and I couldn’t get over the beauty of this Tiffany window ^^^

^^A band in here played old favorites while we listened in from the pier

^I have an irrational fear of birds. The beady eyes and the sharp beaks make me shudder.

^^Chicago does have a beautiful skyline

Until next time, Chicago! 

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  1. Life's more fun when you're a tourist in your hometown every once and a while. šŸ™‚ omg, I totally know how you feel about birds. They are terrifying! I watched that old Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" a few years ago and, even as cheesy and old as it was, I am now more than a little nervous when I see large flocks of them.