From the mouth of babes

Can I tell you how long I’ve waited to be able to write this post? Before I even had kids some of my favorite blog posts to read were ridiculous things kids say. I remember when I came out for church in a green skirt and purple shirt and 1 year old Lincoln looked at me and said “Barney!” and I thought, “Oh I should write that down.” I didn’t. And so I’ve forgotten a lot of the funny things these two have said over the last few years but I’m excited to start recording them more regularly. Kids really are the best 🙂 


When talking to aunt Maddie back when he was three:

Lincoln: I’m NOT so cute! …..but I sure am 🙂


I asked Lincoln to go ask Ben to take out the trash in October and I hear this from the other room: 

Lincoln: Daddy, stop being a punk. You need to take the trash out RIGHT NOW.

Ben:  *mutters something to Lincoln

Lincoln: Mom, daddy is being a punk. He told ME to take the trash out.


Sitting in the kitchen talking to me during snack time: 

Lincoln: I want a lot of babies in our families. I want two babies in our family. I want one to be a boy and one to be a girl and one to be a baby.

Me: how will we get these babies?

Lincoln: from your tummy

Me: how will they get in my tummy?

Lincoln: they will grow in your tummy and then they will come out. How will they come out?

Me: How do you think they will come out?

Lincoln: From down there!

(where do kids learn this stuff? we’ve since talked about it)


When looking over my outfit for the gym one morning: 

Lincoln: Take those clothes off. They look funny.

Me: Why do they look funny?

Lincoln: one of your socks is light blue and one of them is dark blue


While pointing at her face in her crib one evening in December:

Adelaide: I’m mad, look at this face!

(developing her emotional intelligence)


One afternoon in March while chatting with me on the couch: 

Adelaide: I love you and you love me all the time. I love you all the way to the dark….and I love Daddy all the way behind my back.


Looking at a magnet of London on our fridge:

Adelaide: Hey look! There’s Big Daddy!

Me: Oh, yes, there is Big Ben.


During dinner one evening in March

Lincoln: But Mom, when I die how will my body get up to heaven? Maybe there will be a conveyor belt like at the airport and it will lead us to an elevator – an elevator straight up to heaven!


Walking past a guy at church with a very long beard

Adelaide: Hey, Mom, why that guy have such a BIG chin?


After coming home from a playdate: 

Lincoln: Hey mom, I want a friend that can live at our house and never have to go home
Me: it’s a good thing you have Adelaide
Lincoln: well, I want another one named Charlie
Me: Okay, maybe we can name the baby Charles.
Lincoln: No, his first name will be Charlie. His middle can be Charles.


outfit details: 


velvet shirt: Crew Cuts (sold out but almost identical one in a summer fabric here)

jean leggings: GAP

shoes: Pediped



button down: Gymboree (from their “going out of business sale”)

shorts: H&M (just ordered these for him for summer)

shoes: Hunter Boots (my kids most worn shoes because they can put them on by themselves)

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