Family Spring Date List

Happy Spring! I hope your weather has been reminding you of this change in seasons, but even though we had our coldest day yesterday, I get excited just anticipating the fun we’ll have as the temperatures warm up a bit.

This weekend Ben and I put our phones away, got dressed up, and spent the evening at a contemporary ballet performance. We held hands, whispered about the dancers, and then forewent stopping for food afterwards because it was past ten o’clock and we were exhausted 🙂 It was our first evening date in a bit too long and it was nice to just focus on each other and share conversation that had nothing to do with little feet or little mouths.

Then last night let let Lincoln stay up a bit later than usual, just chasing around the living room and giggling. We danced and laughed and snuggled, and it might have been even a bit better than an evening at the ballet.

So while more date nights will happen in the next few months (in anticipation of baby #2 arriving and life getting quite a bit busier), I’m also really excited to institute a more regular family date tradition. This wont be Lincoln’s first spring, but it feels quite a bit like it (last year he was just a few months old and mastering such tough things like rolling over and smiling). I’ve put together a lit of our family date plans for the spring if you’re looking for any ideas on fun things to do with kids, or just for the kid at heart.

Spring Family Date Ideas

  • Go for a hike: I just picked out a new baby carrier for our upcoming trip and I’m excited to use it outdoors on a few local trails as the temps warm up. Lincoln loves taking everything in outside and after being cooped up all winter, just some fresh air makes everyone happier. 
  • Shop at a farmers market: Our local farmers market starts up again in about a month and it is always a fun way to spend and hour on a week night. 
  • Visit a petting zoo: Imagine cute little baby animals and what could be more fun for a spring Saturday morning? I’m so curious to see how Lincoln responds to them (he’s fascinated with dogs until they try and get too close…). 
  • Ask to be seated outside: In summer I almost always prefer eating indoors to enjoy the air conditioning but spring is the perfect time for some al fresco dining. Plus, then you have to worry less about loud children because you’re less likely to be bothering as many other patrons. 
  • Play in the sand: Whether it is at the lake, the beach, or just the sandbox, we’ll be making time for lots of playing in the next three months. 
  • Feed the birds: Our local park has plenty of ducks and last summer we had fun renting a paddle boat and throwing off pieces of stale bread. 
  • Run (or waddle) in the sprinkler: Ben might be the only one really capable of running here in a few more weeks but the rest of us will have fun waddling through the sprinkler in the backyard. 
  • Blow bubbles: A friend opened up a bottle of bubbles after lunch last week and Lincoln was fascinated. It was also unexpectedly fun to try and pop the bubbles as she blew them 🙂 
  • Dance in the rain: We’ve been singing “if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops” for the last few weeks here and with a boy that loves dancing, I’m anticipating a very wet family dance party one of these days 🙂 
Is there anything on your to-do list this spring? If you’re looking for a more ideas, here are a few other fun family date ideas we’ll save for when Lincoln is a bit older: 
  • star-gazing
  • outdoor movie night
  • backyard camping
  • planting a garden
  • have a campfire
  • watch the sunrise 
  • build a fort on the porch 

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  1. These pictures are wonderful – his eyes are so sparkly in that last one! I'll definitely have to do the majority of this list with my littles this Spring – I figure Summer will be fairly lowkey after baby 3 arrives so time to maximize the energy I *do* have! 😉