Family Date Project: park adventures and a new favorite snack

// scroll to the bottom for my new favorite video of these two! // 

Ben had a glorious three and a half days off last weekend and while Saturday morning got away from us, we loaded up the babies and braved the park anyway, even with impending naptimes. The rising temps demanded it.

We had the place to ourselves most of the time and I watched in awe as Lincoln climbed and slid and chatted his way through the playground. Could this really be the same boy I brought here last spring, just barely walking?

Ben spent a lot of the time capturing some video (Lincoln’s little “hi” kills me :P) and Adelaide would have been content to sit in that little swing for the rest of the afternoon. We might have paid for it later with postponed naps and delayed bedtime, but sometimes it’s worth bucking routine for a little bit of family adventure, isn’t it?

We were there right during lunch time so I grabbed a handful of snacks before we left to tie the kids over (because not even the park is fun when you’re starving). One of my biggest struggles as a mom is finding easy things to feed my kids that are healthy. I’ve gotten better and I’ve gotten worse but I’m always on the hunt for things I can easily grab when we’re away from the kitchen that I can feel good about feeding these babies (yes, I’ll call them babies till they’re at least twenty). I ordered some Crispy Green flavors off of amazon a few weeks ago (you can also check out this list to see where they carry them near you) and love that they’re freeze dried with nothing else added, maintaining almost all of the nutrients of a fresh piece of fruit. Now I’m basically the supermom at the park with the freshly cut fruit in individual containers, minus the sticky fingers, all that prep time, and inevitable mess.

We’ve only tried a few flavors but so far my favorite is the Asian Pear and Ben likes the Pineapple. Adelaide LOVED munching on these and Lincoln requested we bring three different kinds with us to the park 😛

If you’re looking for a healthy, easy, mess-free snack, go order a pack or two right now!

You can check out all of Crispy Green’s flavors of these chip-like freeze dried fruits here and learn more about freeze drying here. And then you can order some and feel good about grabbing a bag or two before your next family adventure.

P.S. Crispy Green also has a fun healthy living blog here where you can get recipes, workouts, and other tips (I liked this post on ways to reduce food waste — did you know in the US a typical household wastes 30-40% of it’s food!?)


looking for a mess-free snack for babies and toddlers when you're on the go? these are healthy, quick, and easy to take with you to the park or on the road

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