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Grey Tee Momiform + Highs and lows of motherhood right now

If I measured today by the minutes Lincoln spent laughing, it was a success.

And now I’m sitting here wondering why that isn’t my measure of success everyday.

Because so often I find myself feeling like I failed because Lincoln didn’teat a wide variety of vegetables. Or we got caught up playing with trains and we skipped reading altogether. Or because a great day ended on a bad note when an opinionated toddler didn’t want to go to bed.

Am I the only one?

Somehow in a whole sea of wonderful, my mind clings to the specks of negative. And then I end up measuring my life with those tiny specks, so focused that I miss the overwhelming good they’re floating in. (In my defense, I do have a toddler who stops all activity to remove a tiny piece of lint he spotted on the rug, declaring it “TRASH!” He also pointed at the ceiling in church for a solid 20 seconds this morning saying “Trash!” because he spotted a spider web. Focusing on the tiny things out of place seems to be our specialty).

But today I’m measuring by the giggles. And the eager requests for more. And committing to doing the same thing tomorrow (while still feeding him a variety of vegetables).

P.S. Speaking of motherhood, this tee was made for it. So soft, so comfortable, and super flattering sleeve length. It’s on sale for 40% off in a handful of colors and it’s one I’ve gone 48 hours in a row without taking off in. They also have it in maternity here on extra sale in black and white!

grey tee: GAP  // denim: AG denim via thredUP (I just ordered a few more pairs, I can almost always find AG jeans in my size from thredUP and they’re THE BEST jeans I’ve tried yet – new ones here for 80% more) // wedges: Kork-Ease (everything they make is SO comfortable) // watch: Daniel Wellington  (in brown $50 off here) // bag: Kate Spade (super similar here and here at a lower price point)

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