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Fall Maternity Style & 22 Week Bumpdate

Two weeks ago I shared a fun pregnancy update in this same format and enough’s changed I wanted to do it again. It amazes me how simultaneously fast and slow pregnancy goes. Can it really be I’ve only known about the little on inside me for fifteen weeks? But at the same time, our gender-revealing ultrasound was TEN days ago? It seems like yesterday. 

Favorite Moments: Seeing little boys everywhere. From babies to cute little toddlers, it seems like every child I see is a boy and it is so crazy to imagine that we’re not just having a tiny baby, but we’re having a little toddler, an independent teenager, and a full grown man. Its been thinking through all these stages of his life (just a tiny bit, mostly when I think about him he’s still nothing but a tiny sleeping baby in my arms). I also kinda love people asking me when I’m due in public. The bump is real, and its pretty clear I’m pregnant and not just eating too much ice cream.

I’ve also really loved talking about the future recently with Ben. We’ve always known we wanted kids and pictured them in our future but the future seems more full now. Its like with this closeness to becoming parents comes the closeness of all our other dreams…even if they’re still years away.

Lots of tuna melts (well, as many as I’m allowed – silly mercury) and plenty of sour candy (sour altoids all the time and have any of you had airhead extremes? the man at the gas station asked if they were for me or for kids…and then laughed when I said they were just for me).

Feeling: The baby’s dance parties, all the time. The dancing is getting more energetic (last night I swear he was doing the cha-cha).

Gender: Boy. Very very clearly a boy 😉

Names: I’m on a British kick (even though I recognize he won’t have an accent just because he has a British name) and given that my whole family line is from the UK, I think it would be rather fitting. Ask me again in a few days though and we’ll have a completely new idea. #namingisimpossible

Craving: Greasy cheese pizza (and dominos in Findlay in 2014 doesn’t taste the way I remember it in Tokyo in 1998).

Weight Gain: 15 pounds? And a very prominent belly.

Missing Anything: I really wish I could take bike rides between the corn fields in this beautiful fall weather.

Aches or Pains: Generally I’m less agile but for the most part this second trimester is awesome.

Maternity Clothes: YES! Who knew that maternity clothes would actually make you feel LESS frumpy? They do. They’re great. I ordered a slew of things from thredUP (only about half of them fit so thank goodness for free returns) and some darling tops showed up last week. I can’t wait to show you 🙂


My Mood: I know I talked about it last week but everything is so wonderful right now. It feels like everything is falling into place. To be happy with the present yet so excited for the future is a great thing.

Exercise: A whole post on that tomorrow – but I’ve been quite a bit better and it really makes a difference in my energy levels, how well I sleep, and my mood.

Excited About: Buying baby clothes. The goal is to hold out on shopping till we move in a few months but I can’t wait to fill our nursery with sweet baby boy’s things 🙂

^I’ve been living in this sweater all week and I love it (not the best quality but for less than $17 I was really happy with it) – I love the loose fit on its own with jeans but it also means it works well for laying over chambray or plaid button ups

If you missed it, you can check out my 20 week update here 🙂 Your kind words here and on instagram make sharing this pregnancy so much fun…thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Outfit Details:
jeans: Forever21 maternity (they don’t make them anymore) via ThredUP (don’t miss the full list of places to buy cute maternity clothes here)
sweater: c/o OASAP
blue shirt: c/o OASAP
necklace: c/o OASAP
boots: Michael Kors via Saks Outlet (clearance last month – my size was the only one in the whole store…it was a happy day) — some similar options (save vs splurge)


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  1. I'm the biggest proponent of maternity clothing – I do not understand those people who want to do the rubber band trick through their whole pregnancy. So much better to wear clothing that is actually made to fit your pregnant belly. You look darling!

  2. You look great! I haven't dared buy any maternity jeans yet, because they cost an arm and a leg and possibly this child I'm cooking! where do you get most yours from?? So excited that you're having a little boy! And go with the British names!!! They are adorable!!!

  3. That sweater is so gorgeous! I have a similar one, and this post made me excited to wear it.

  4. Your look is perfect for the Autumn, your sweater looks so comfy and your boots are stunning, you look great!