Easy Ombre Lip

Today we’re talking all about how to achieve a fun ombre lip look with this simple ombre lip tutorial.

With the holidays around the corner, this is a super easy statement lip that can have you party ready in just a couple of minutes. For this look I used a bright pink and a light pink lipstick but I also love the same thing with a darker burgundy for a richer evening look. I picked up everything at for this post at CVS and was excited to try out some new Milani products (my bathroom counter needs a serious cleaning at this point :).

Ombre Lip Tutorial

Step 1. I started with some basic makeup (foundation + a tiny bit of blush/bronzer/highlighter) and moisturized my lips. I applied this natural lip scrub before using chapstick to remove all dry skin.

Step 2. Cover your entire lip with the darker lipstick. I used Milani’s Color Statement Lipstick in Blushing Beauty. Be sure to line the edges of your lip (or use a coordinating or slightly darker lipliner).

Step 3. Use the lighter lip color on the middle of  your lips, as shown.

Step 4. Use a light colored powder/eyeshadow to further accentuate the lighter color on the middle of your lips. The shadow also helps set the lipstick and have the color last all evening. 


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