DIY Honey and Lime Sugar Lip Scrub

This easy DIY honey and sugar lip scrub is infused with lime and great for your skin! Make it at home in just a few minutes for your new favorite DIY beauty product.

I like to tone down my makeup in the summer (or maybe it’s because with this baby I struggle to find more than two minutes for myself in the morning) and a bold brow and a fun lip carry me most days. Did you know that exfoliating your lips helps your color stay on longer? In addition to looking better, the smooth skin gives you a more even application and long-lasting results. Here’s a fun, and really simple, DIY lip scrub I’ve been using for the past month that I’ve really been loving.

P.S. Its also rather addicting and the first few times I ended up licking it all off (okay, live every time). 

What You Need for DIY Honey Lime Lip Scrub

  • 1 bottle of p$T 100% honey
  • 1 bag of p$T granulated sugar
  • 1 lime (or lime juice)
  • Small glass container, for storage

How to Make DIY Honey Lime Lip Scrub

  • Mix equal parts honey and sugar with a few squeezes of fresh lime.
  • Using your finger, coat your lips. Ideally, leave it on for half an hour before using a finger to scrub your lips, removing dead skin particles.
  • Try not to lick it all off too soon!

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  1. What a fun collaboration! I can't wait to see what other things you come up with! This lip scrub looks delicious… I mean effective 😉

  2. Yum, I will need to try this. I am loving your new blog style of DIY stuff. Can't wait to see a home tour. I am in constant ideas of how to decorate. I remember your instagram saying they accidentely delivered all that chocolate. I would love the story of that.

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  4. Hello elizabeth. Thank u for this recipe, I want to ask how long does this concoction last? I have made mine this afternoon and I put it in the fridge. Looking forward to your reply! ?