In My Diaper Bag: 6 Months + Summer Edition with Target

I’m sharing everything from Target I stock in my diaper bag for summer! 


This summer I’ve been much better at getting out of the house with this little babe. Each time I swear it gets a bit easier and a little less intimidating (although he does seem to be able to sense when we’re going to leave the house and reserves the messiest of his activities for about six minutes into each trip).

It makes the day go by infinitely more quickly when we have an outing between naps (I measure my life in “wake periods” these days) and he seems to sleep better too (both vital for my sanity).
Often we’re just out to pick up some groceries, enjoy story time at the library, or take a long walk, but sometimes we’ll load up for a longer adventure (usually on a weekend when we can bring Ben along). It is also not unusual for me to load him up just to go wander through a store looking for nothing in particular. I wear him in the baby wrap, we chat about things we can see, undoubtedly people stop us to talk about the cute little baby who really isn’t so little anymore. Lincoln loves looking out at everything and I can usually find an excuse to pick up a few fun little things 😉
A few times I’ve made the mistake of thinking ‘I’ll just be out for twenty minutes, I can get by without the diaper bag.’ Mistake.
Even if we’re just running to the grocery store, I’ll bring the full bag and just leave it in the car. Because  Murphy’s Law seems to be even more applicable when you have children (or a singular child in this case).

Target Diaper Bag Essentials

Here are the staples that I’ve stocked up on from Target to keep in my diaper bag this summer:


  • up & up wipes, whatever  diapers we’re using at the moment, and a travel thing of diaper cream.
  • Changing pad – you don’t even want to know all of the places I have changed diapers in the past few months…
  • Plastic bags – I either have Ziplock bags in my diaper clutch (their term, not mine) in case I have a dirty diaper and no trash can or if he manages to get something on his clothes and I need somewhere to store the dirty ones.
  • up & up face + hand wipes – I used to just use regular wipes for anything else I needed to clean up but now that Linc is starting to eat solids, I like keeping these around.
  • Enfamil on-the-go travel packs – these are awesome! When I was still pumping I would carry these around just in case and now I love them for the convenience of making a bottle on the go. I’ll usually fill up the bottle with water before we leave and then if he needs it while we’re out, I can just dump in one of the little packets and shake it up. I’ve found them at Target but not other places that carry Enfamil.
  • Baby Sunscreen – now that  it’s warm enough that Linc is usually in short sleeves and shorts (or just a onesie), I try to keep this baby sunscreen on hand because a sunburned baby is one of my worst nightmares.
  • up & up Sweet Potato Puffs – he’s still a bit hesitant when it comes to food other than purees (which he’s obsessed with), but I like having something I can let him snack on, especially if we’re going to be eating because when that baby sees anyone else eating, he wants food pronto.
  • A swaddle blanket – this acts as a toy, a blanket, a burp cloth, a changing pad (if somehow I forgot mine), or a car seat cover. Linc loves the black and white animal prints on this one and he’ll play peekaboo  or just stare at it for minutes (and sometimes minutes  are all you need).
  • A toy or two – He really loves the yellow sand dollar for chewing and  it’s relatively small so  it’s almost always in my bag.
  • Snacks for me – In the beginning I was so good at getting everything packed for Linc that I’d often forget things for myself. You can see the fruit leather + Archer Farms chocolate covered nuts (both have been on repeat for the past few weeks in my bag … and around the house).


Cute Target Diaper Bags

Looking for cute diaper bags from Target? Here are a few of my favorites:






What’s your #TargetRun?

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  1. When my baby was his age, I did everything in my power to get out of house. I knew nothing about story time, so we usually walked around the mall and I usually went to mall play court to chat. Now, we go to library more frequently and have play dates with others