Dressing Post Partum

The last few weeks of pregnancy I had nothing to wear. By that point, even Ben’s large v-necks didn’t fit over my basketball belly and I remember counting down to the time I’d be able to put on all the clothes sitting idle in my closet.

Well, two months post partum and I feel almost the same way. I still can’t fit into 90% of my wardrobe and I’ve found a lot of my maternity clothes don’t work because the fitted tops that showed off a growing baby bump are a bit less flattering when they’re hugging a post partum pooch instead.

I decided a few weeks ago to order a handful of things from thredUP in my “inbetween” size and I’m so glad I did. Most of my struggle isn’t with what my body looks like, it is how my body fits in my clothes. I’m happy with where I am two months in to life as a mother of two (I won’t be happy if this is where I am four months in to my life as a mother of two), but it can be hard to remember that when my closet is full of jeans I bought twenty pounds lighter. If you’re not one of those people that slips into their pre-pregnancy pants to head to their post partum check-up, I recommend grabbing a few things to help you feel good in the interim (emotionally and physically, because there is nothing comfortable about pants that are way too tight).

High waisted jeans are my best friend at the moment and a few looser tops have been on regular rotation. I’ve been all about the side tuck for the days I put on something other than yoga pants.

It is easy to get discouraged right about now and I’m trying to be intentionally gentle with myself and unforgiving. I’m gentle in the words I use to describe my body and the thoughts I let float through my head when I pick out something to wear in the morning. I’m unforgiving when I want to give up halfway through a workout or skip that morning’s run. I remind myself that I birthed a baby! The reminder helps me appreciate my body, and to push through the exhaustion (because no level of exercise I’ve found quite compares to pushing out a tiny human ;).

I’ll be sharing a bit more of what I’m wearing post partum over the  next few weeks and hopefully a positive experience with the exercise plan I just signed up for (wish me luck). Have any of you tried TRX before?

denim: Paige via thredUP // ruffle sleeved top: Banana Republic (in pink and white on sale) // jacket: Ralph Lauren (old) // shoes: Sperry (on clearance!) // watch: Christian Paul
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  1. My situation post-pardem was quite the opposite and I was very discouraged too. After my first born, I ended up too skinny after I gave birth. Yes, that's right. Nothing in my wardrobe fit because I was about 15 pounds lighter then I was pre-pregnancy. I have no idea why this happened, but when I tell my friends they all are confused. Being heavier or skinnier after a baby can be frustrating as old clothes don't fit. I do think you look great. Sometimes it's fun to buy new clothes anyway, haha, and I have had my eye on that top forever. Too bad it's sold out.

    1. Oh interesting! and thank you – life after a baby is always some sort of adjustment, isn't it?