Brunching with Babes

Our last date as a family of three early in the summer was to our favorite little downtown cafe one Saturday morning. Lincoln and I split a chocolate chip muffin and ate it so quickly we got a second before Ben had even finished his sandwich. This time around we ordered three from the get-go for a little mid-week brunch date because Ben was off work.

Sitting outside, watching the cars drive by, Lincoln just chatted away. He’s so expressive right now and all day we have an ongoing conversation. My end mostly consists of “oh really?”s and “tell me more”s while his is a string of sentences that sound either French or Arabic depending on the day. I can’t wait for a few months from now when I can really understand the excitement he shares with me constantly, or years from now when we can grab a muffin at a little cafe and talk about his favorite classes or books or adventures. He is looking so grown up to me these days, especially in this darling little outfit, that I can’t help but wonder about the boy he’s growing into.

A few more pictures from our morning:

^Patiently waiting for his muffin + smoothie

^Adelaide, just mostly sleeping through everything

^Lincoln loves to try and put Adelaide’s sunglasses on her (and she’ll actually wear them for extended periods of time…which is great on sunny days when we’re outside) – but she was dressed to the nines for her first brunch, even if she couldn’t eat any of it 🙂 
^breakfast chats with Dad

Have you ever looked through the adorable things at Janie and Jack? I remember the first time I dropped in one of their stores, long before I was pregnant. I was looking for a baby shower gift and found it nearly impossible to narrow down my choices because I fell in love with everything. In addition to wanting all of the girls clothes in my size, it was one of the first times I got really excited about having my own little man (not just to dress). Check out their new arrivals (or just go die over their baby girl swimsuits) and let me know what your favorite is!

On Lincoln:
On Adelaide:
This post was created in partnership with Janie and Jack.

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