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Micro Mini Scooter Review

Today I’m talking about our favorite scooter for toddlers, why we love the Micro Kickboard, and the benefits of scootering. This post is not sponsored and does include affiliate links. It was initially written back in 2018 when we first bought these scooters but I’m updating it in 2022 when the micro mini scooters are still going strong. 


Micro Mini Scooter: Best Toddler Scooter

If you follow me over on instagram you’ve seen COUNTLESS videos on stories of my kids scootering around Boston. We bought them early last summer as a potty training incentive for Lincoln (he requested Adelaide get one, too, and while I was skeptical of how well she’d be able to use it, we obliged so we didn’t have to deal with fighting over Lincoln’s).

Along with buying Magna Tiles, this is the best money we’ve spent on toys in our seven years of parenting.

Why should you get a scooter for your toddler?

Balance + Strength

Riding a scooter takes the initial power of a kick and then relies on balance for steering and maneuvering. Riding scooters improves coordination and balance. This is especially true for toddlers who are still in the early stages of developing these skills.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Similar to developing strength and balance, the skills required to ride a scooter develop gross and fine motor skills in kids. Increased motor skills help children develop independence.


I loved seeing the sense of accomplishment on each of my kids faces as they mastered another trick on their scooter. The initial struggle of figuring out how to manuever it was rewarded with the satisfying feeling of confidence they figured it out. Giving our kids the chance to struggle and succeed is key to building their confidence and I love seeing how the scooters do that!

Exercise + Fun

The best part about the scooters is fun it makes getting their energy out. My kids can ride on these for hours (usually we aren’t out quite that long). They beg to go outside and if we’re in a place where they can ride freely, they can entertain themselves on these for long periods of time. They’re usually exhausted by the time we come home and have worked up an appetite for lunch or dinner.


I love our scooters because they double as something to play with and a mode of transportation. We go outside just to scooter some afternoons and others, when I need to run over to downtown Cambridge or walk over to Trader Joes, we’ll take the scooters.

They are especially great for kids who aren’t content to sit in a stroller but don’t have the stamina for longer distances/ outings. We loved heading over to Harvard Square for dinner on summer evenings but Lincoln would complain about being in the stroller and then take FOREVER if we let him walk. The scooter meant that getting to dinner was fun for him and we could walk at a normal pace (or try and keep up with him!).

They’re great for walking to the park (if you live in a place with great sidewalks) or just scootering around your driveway (someday we’ll have a driveway!).

What is the best age to get your toddler a micro mini scooter?

The Micro Mini scooter is listed as for 2-5 year olds and we’ve found this to be spot on. The two wheeled razor scooters are harder for younger kids to manage because of the initial balance required to ride them. The three wheel construction of the Micro Mini means that immediately, even if they don’t grasp the navigation, your toddler can stand on it without falling over.

We bought them a little before Adelaide’s second birthday when Lincoln was almost three and a half. It took Lincoln a few hours to really get the hang of the steering but very quickly, he was zipping around on it. It took Adelaide a little bit longer but it was so fun to see the progress she made each day. She didn’t initially understand the concept of leaning to turn and each time she needed to change direction she’d get off the scooter, reposition it, and get back on. This lasted a week or two (of scootering almost daily) and then she figured it out and was off scootering with the big kids.

We’ve now had the scooters for almost 4 years and added another baby (now toddler) and Micro Mini to our family. All three kids ride their minis around together (ages 7,5, and 2.5). 

Which Micro Scooter should you get?

I’ve had a few questions about which scooter to get for kids that are 4. I’d recommend staring with the Micro Mini because you’ll still get a solid year or two use out of it before deciding to invest in the larger size.

Since we bought ours Micro has launched a new version where you can adjust the height. It didn’t seem to bother either of my kids to not be able to adjust it but I’d buy this one if I were choosing between to two.

You can order the Micro Mini Original (the one we have) here.

You can order the new Micro Mini Deluxe here. 

What is the best scooter for toddlers?

Are you trying to figure out what the best scooter for your toddler is?

Between playgroup at the gym and sneaking rides on friend’s scooters, my kids rode quite a few different scooters before we bought the Micro Minis. And what all the moms we talked to said was true, these really are the best ones. The three wheel construction makes them a great first learning scooter. The steering mechanism (leaning) wasn’t initially obvious to either of my kids but it only took a few minutes (or a few hours) for both of them to figure it out. It also meant for less tipping over and taking spills while learning how to ride it, which I appreciate.

There are other cheaper three wheel scooter options but they just don’t compare to the Micro Minis. These ride better and last longer. 

An endorsement from our kids:

Lincoln (3.5 yrs)  says, “I love my scooter because I can go super fast and go down hills but we always have to ear our helmets to keep us safe. And scootering is better than walking.”

Adelaide (2 yrs) says, “I like scootering…go scootering with Lincoln!”

Where to buy the micro mini scooter : 

P.S. The kids’ helmets are loose and not far enough down over their foreheads in these pictures.

Talking about the Micro Mini Scooter and why we love it! This toddler toy is great for boys and girls. It will not only provide great physical activity but also improve skills such as balance and coordination. #toddlertoys #toddleractivities #toddlerboy #toddlergirl

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