Top 12 Amazon purchases of the Year

Today I’m sharing our family’s favorite Amazon purchases of the year. This post may contain affiliate links and I make a small commission on qualifying purchases. Just click the picture of each item to shop. 


What do you order off of Amazon?

113 orders in 2017

93 orders in 2018

and already 92 orders placed in 2019.

I’m excited to share some recent amazon finds with you but FIRST I have a list of my very favorite amazon orders from 2018. These are are still things we wear/use/love almost a year later (except for those white jeans… I can’t fit back into them just yet #postpartum). The swing is in my parent’s basement and almost $100 off right now!

Favorite Amazon Purchases of the Year

1. Daily Ritual Chunky Sweater: I bought this in three colors in two months and wear them on repeat. It’s like a stylish sweatshirt and the quality is something I’d expect from J.Crew or Madewell at a much better price point.

2. Magnatile Cars: We got our first set of Magnatiles for Lincoln’s second birthday and two years later, they’re still our most played with toy. This year we added these car/train parts and they are so fun for our little vehicle lover. They add in another way to play with the pieces and Lincoln loves using them to build “loader cars” to carry his other cars around.

3. Tinkle Face Razors: After someone promised they were SO easy to use, I caved and ordered them. I use them once every week or two (if I remember) to shave off the peach fuzz on my face. I have been impressed by the huge difference they make in how my makeup goes and stays on. I use a cleanser or a moisturizer as a “shaving cream” but there really isn’t a learning curve. My hair doesn’t grow back thicker or darker after shaving. If you’ve been wondering about these, just try them (at this price point there really isn’t anything to lose)!

4. Water Wow books: I didn’t actually order these off of amazon last year BUT i re-ordered some last week and we have still been using and loving these. We use them occasionally during quiet time and every Sunday during church. Adelaide (age 3) is particularly obsessed with them. I love that there is no mess and that they’re reusable.

5. MOTHER white cropped denim: I found my favorite pair of white denim last year in this amazon purchase. The cropped length is perfect for my 5’4″ frame and the material is thick and NOT see-through (unlike a lot of other high-end white jeans I tried before this).

6. Web swing : My mom actually bought this for the kid’s playroom at her house but we use it and LOVE it and I get asked for links when I share videos of the kids playing on it. It was recommended to us by my cousin who has been using it for her kids and Ben and I like swinging in it almost as much as the kids. It’s provided hours and hours of entertainment during cold New England winters (and every other time of year). 

7. Micro Mini Scooters: Along with Magnatiles, this is the best money I’ve ever spent on toys. These are GREAT quality and are endless entertainment for kids. Plus, they make getting around the city (or a neighborhood) with a toddler much quicker. You can read my full review of the Micro Mini Scooters here. 

8. Pampers Cruisers Diapers: My most ordered item off of Amazon for the last year has been diapers.  The “subscribe and save” option has been so helpful at saving money and never running out of diapers. We also have wipes delivered on auto-ship and I’ve been meaning to add trashbags and a few other household essentials. 

9. SainSmart Jr. Wooden Tetris Puzzle: We only just got this for Christmas but Adelaide or Lincoln and I have been doing it a couple of times each day and it’s so fun. 

10. Codenames: My parents got this last year around Christmas and after playing it all break, we ordered our own. It’s a fun game to play in groups of at least four but is also fun in bigger groups.

11. Alarm Clock: We’ve been talking about getting phones out of our bedroom for awhile and this year we finally bought an alarm clock so we could leave our phones plugged in across the house. I love being able to tell what time it is when kids wake up in the middle of the night (without having to look at the bright light of my phone) and I really love getting in bed without either of us plugged into a device.

12. Zeal: I’ve been taking this almost daily since I was post-partum with Lincoln and it makes a big difference in how I feel overall. Usually I order it through a rep but we ran out and I needed some so I went with the slightly higher price and free two day prime shipping on Amazon. This watermelon flavor is our favorite but we also like the wild berry.

honorary mention: 

Kid’s hunter boots: These are the most useful pair of shoes we have for our kids in the non-summer months. I love that the kids can put them on by themselves and jump in all the puddles or snow rifts they want. They are very lightweight in comparison to other rain boots we’ve looked at/ tried and they hold up so well. The pair Adelaide is wearing is a hand-me-down from Lincoln and they’ll make it through another child or two.


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  1. Ohh I think its time to do an Amazon clothing round up. Love the sweater recommend.

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