Hands down favorite moisturizer

This post is sponsored by Olay. The love for this moisturizer is all my own (but really! this moisturizer is SO good!). 

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There are a lot of ways to judge a new skin care product (how it looks, what’s in it, how it smells, how it feels as you put it on) but, dare I say the best way is by the changes you notice.

I have tried A LOT of new skin products over the last few months, upwards of seven moisturizers alone, and this Whip from Olay is, hands down, my favorite one. It feels great, the packaging is great, but the big difference is how it feels the next day. The morning after I use the new Olay Whips my skin is moister, suppler (I still feel weird using that word), and more hydrated.

The breakthrough Whip moisturizer helps even skin tone and minimize the appearance of pores. It also absorbs instantly so you don’t have to wait for your moisturizer to set before applying makeup. I’ve only tried the non-SPF one, but Whips with SPF is next on my list!

I’ve been using it before bed and in the morning. While we were in Guadeloupe last week I caught myself putting on a little more in the afternoons after hours of sun and swimming just to rehydrate (I also used a little on my sunburn because it felt so good).

If you’re in the market for a new moisturizer, I can’t recommend this one enough! My friends who have tried it love it as much as I do and I can’t wait for you to, too!

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