HBS Section B Spring Retreat

We’re back from a fun, cold, weekend on Cape Cod for Ben’s section spring retreat. In Boston, an April spring retreat means we were driving through a snow + sleet storm Friday afternoon and freezing between events all weekend but it was so fun, nonetheless.

Ben’s first year in school he spends all day, everyday (well, all class time) with the same 90 students. And they’re awesome.

This weekend was all about one last hurrah together before everyone goes their separate ways for the summer. Friday night was dinner and trivia, Saturday was brunch and excursions/activities, but the highlight was the dinner and charity auction on Saturday evening. Everyone from the section (and partners, the official HBS term for significant others), donated various items. We had everything from four nights at someone’s condo in Vail to morning coffee runs. Ben donated a day of rock climbing and we bid (and lost) on a date a year for the rest of our life.

We danced the rest of the evening away and there was a point in the evening where I glanced at Ben, across the room chatting with some friends, and felt this overwhelming pride in this husband of mine. Sometimes I complain about the long hours, the late nights, the endless stack of cases. But it’s good to take a step back and appreciate how hard he’s been working at this, and for this. Or maybe it was just his moves on the dance floor in that suit 😉


A few more pictures from the charity auction:

(unfortunately I put the camera away before the dancing started 🙂


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