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another week, another moment

Last night l relieved my sick husband of bedtime duty and took my freshly bathed babe into his dark room to sing to him as he finished his bottle, cuddled into my chest. When he was done, we rocked for a few minutes with his head on my shoulder to the sound of the humidifier while I ran my fingers through the little waves of hair at the nape of his neck.

Sometime during all of the quiet cuddly goodness baby #2 started kicking and flipping and my heart grew a few sizes. These babes are very good at making me feel needed and loved, and oh so exhausted.

And then Lincoln let me put him down for bed without a sound. He wrapped his little fingers around his little blanket and went right to sleep, for a glorious 11.8 hours.

and if you knew the week we’ve had with sleep, you’d appreciate what a win that really was


dress: boob design (the style is last years but they have really great quality maternity + nursing items)
sweater: GAP (sold out)
boots: Michael Kors
diaper bag: Pacapod, c/o
watch: Daniel Wellington, c/o

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  1. I remember those days when I would rock my baby girl to sleep and baby boy, inside my tummy, started kicking and punching…I always thought he was craving mama's attention at the time. Those memories will never fade away 🙂