Easy Chicken Caesar Wraps

Today we’re talking all about how to make the easiest chicken caesar salad wraps. 

Maybe it’s the new year, or maybe it’s been the last three months of hardly cooking (thank you first trimester nausea and exhaustion), but I am feeling extremely motivated to find easy and healthy meals to add into our regular rotation. Cooking new things may be theraputic for some, but it’s a bit stressful for me. On a Tuesday night, come five o’clock, I’m looking for something I can whip up in a couple of minutes that doesn’t involve too many prepackaged things (we’ve been living off frozen food + pasta+ a few freezer meals I made). My goal is to to find 10-15 great veggie packed options this year that I can make in 20 minutes and will save the laborious kitchen work for the weekends.

I’ve spent plenty of time browsing pinterest, but in effort to get away from my screens (especially after 8 pm, another goal for 2016), I’ve also been reading through Real Simple to get some recipe inspiration. All the vibrant veggies and beautiful food photography leave me inspired and motivated and started the craving for chicken caesar wraps.

side note: When I was about 6 or 7 weeks pregnant with Lincoln, the day before I figured it out and took a pregnancy test, we were flying home from a two week trip in Utah. We landed past 10 pm and with no restaurants open that late on a Monday night, and no food in our apartment, we stopped at Meijer to pick up things to make chicken caesar wraps because I’d been craving one for days. That was the last time I’d had a wrap ’till this weekend. Maybe this tiny one is another boy after all? 
What I love about this meal is it’s so easy to load up on additional veggies. If I’d had corn or cucumber lying around, I would have thrown some in. Or, if you’re out of something, like the tomato, you can skip it and add in something else (like I’m doing for lunch today). Anyway, you can scroll down for the full recipe (or non-recipe, because really it’s just mix a bunch of things together in whatever amount you’d like and throw them in a wrap). Also – if you have favorite + easy + healthy meal options, leave a comment, shoot me an email, tweet me, or send me a carrier pigeon, because I need ideas. Please and thank you 🙂
^Here’s everything minus the caesar dressing (which I bought instead of making because #somucheasier). I used leftover chicken from a rotisserie chicken we had for dinner one night and not only was it super yummy, it made the meat really easy. You can also bake your chicken and then plop it in a kitchen aid right out of the oven and easily shred it. Just refrigerate the leftovers and you can have shredded chicken in meals all week.

^not quite as swoon worthy as the images in Real Simple but it has me wanting veggies and its not even 8 am. 
^I mixed everything in a bowl (and cut my croutons in half because I like them smaller) and tossed in just a small amount of caesar dressing. I LOVE these wraps but I won’t order them when we’re out because every place I’ve tried them puts on far too much dressing for my taste. 

What You’ll Need:

remember, amounts and ingredients are loose here, add in more of what you like 


  • lettuce blend (we used half romaine and half spinach)
  • croutons
  • grape tomato, diced (I used half a tomato and it made three large wraps)
  • chicken, shredded
  • caesar dressing
  • other options: cucumbers, corn, dried cranberries, shredded carrots
  • wraps (I use spinach and herbs but my husband informs me it’s more for taste and color because there isn’t that much spinach in them)

What You’ll Do:

  • Mix it all in a bowl. Spread on a wrap. Roll it up and enjoy.
Happy Eating! 

Pin the recipe for later:

this easy chicken caesar salad recipe is delicious and perfect for making ahead and eating all week. this easy chicken caesar salad recipe is delicious and perfect for making ahead and eating all week.

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  1. Those look so delicious. I need to try. The wrap reminds me of my favorite wrap ever at BYU. I can't remember the name but it was in the cougareat next to taco bell. The wraps were a bunch of items inside, all salad bar stuff, and I always got the same one. It was a green tortilla, with chicken, grapes, lettuce, you name it, and was tossed with ranch dressing. Didn't BYU have the best ranch dressing?. Now I know what I am craving. Thanks for the delicious reminder. And hope you get a boy. How fun for Linc

    1. oh the wraps from L&T! so so good. I always got the pulled pork barbacoa or something with pulled pork, corn, black beans, and some combo of ranch and bbq sauce… now that's what I'm really craving right now. I bet I could get my sister to send me the menu and I could try and recreate it 🙂

      and I would love a boy for that reason too … plus I'd get to use all those cute boy clothes Linc wore a total of three times sooner rather than later 🙂

    2. Yum! It has been over 11 years I was at BYU and I was desperately trying to think of the name of that place. You better believe I will be going to that website. It's been too long since I had those wraps, with the ranch dressing tossed with all that goodness. I am drooling. Hope you can try it. So healthy too. Thanks again!!