9 Months In and 9 Months Out

Today I’m sharing 9 month photos (taken a few weeks late) in celebration of Westley being outside of the womb with us as long as he was on the inside. 

Our (not so) little Westley has been apart of our family on the outside as long as it took to grow him on the inside. 

We snapped these pictures a few weeks past the nine month mark but it is so fun for me to look back and compare.

The last year has been a crash course in growth for me. This sweet boy has been such a source of peace and love in a year that has been heavy and demanding (although I’m also reading a book on sleep right now and wondering what part not sleeping for 9 months played in the heavy and hard – more than I thought, probably).

The girl on the left is tired. and excited. and wary.  

The girl on the right is tired. and confident. and hopeful. 

I am so grateful for the chance to be this sweet spirit’s mother, to be entrusted to guide and love him. I might be raising him, but he is also raising me – teaching me so much about peace, stillness, love, joy. 


maternity dress: Tiffany Rose 

More maternity photos and the 40 week pregnancy update here (I was a few days past my due date here) 

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