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40 week Pregnancy Update

This post was written Monday, August 5th when I was only three days past my due date. 


My due date came and went! We’re hoping we get to meet this little baby sometime soon!

Bumpdate: 40 weeks (and 3 days)

How I’m Feeling (emotionally):

I got a bit discouraged at the doctor on Friday for my 40 week appointment when, after a week and a half and LOTS of contractions since my last visit, I was still dilated to a 3 and 50% effaced. I know they say it doesn’t mean anything for how soon you go into labor, but I really wanted all those contractions to have been doing something.

Thoughts on induction: 

They say they won’t let me go past 41 weeks and five days so at least I know I’ll have a baby by next Wednesday! I really want to go into labor on my own. Having been induced with Lincoln and Adelaide coming when she was ready, I’d prefer to opt for that second experience. With this possibly being the last time I ever have a baby, I want to experience some of these things fully, one last time.

How I’m doing (physically): 

I”m feeling very good actually. Ben says I seem to have more energy now than I did a month or two ago. I’m not sure if it is actually having more energy, or just more motivation. It has been helpful having the anemia diagnosis so I know my shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and exhaustion aren’t due to overexertion and I can push through them. I also don’t want there to be wet clothes in the washer or dirty dishes in the sink when we go to the hospital so I’m eager to pick things up before bed stay on top of things I totally let go for awhile earlier in pregnancy.

I cut myself more slack in the afternoons with my kids. We spend the morning out of the house doing something (today was a doctors appointment, a quick trip to the gym, and a walk to the splashpad/playground). The afternoon consisted of a nap + bath for me, lots of sitting on the couch and talking to the kids while they played, and an easy dinner before a quick family night lesson and bed.

I still have ligament pain and some back pain but nothing compares to the complication last weekend so, in comparison, I am feeling REALLY good these days.

Any signs of labor?: 

Baby doesn’t feel super low like I remember Adelaide feeling.

When the contractions start I strongly reconsider all my “no epidural” plans.

When do you think the baby is coming? 

Our anniversary is tomorrow so we’d love not to share that day.

And the changing table arrives on Wednesday so I’d also be happy to organize baby clothes before baby arrives.

But I’m typing this on Monday night, still hoping I can go into labor and have the baby before it’s technically the 6th. It only gives me three hours at this point though.

How are Lincoln and Adelaide doing? 

Lincoln complains at least once a day about the baby taking too long. He also asks at least once a day, eagerly, when the baby is coming out. So they’re doing well – just putting up with having a mother who is not quite at her best right now. I try to get out the door with them each morning for some kind of activity (usually an errand or the gym followed by a park, splashpad, or pool). By the time we make it back here for a late lunch, though, I’m so done. I’m SO grateful for naps + quiet time these days and also feeling really lucky that Ben isn’t working crazy hours yet and can pick up the slack in the evenings.

What’s the plan when you go into labor?

The plan has always been to call my mom or my sister when I go into labor and have them make the hour drive down from New Hampshire to stay with Lincoln and Adelaide while Ben and I head to the hospital. I’m a tad terrified I’ll go into labor very quickly and they won’t have time to get here, I won’t be able to get ahold of any local friends who have generously offered to help, and we’ll end up with Ben taking care of Lincoln and Adelaide at the hospital while I labor alone. I remind myself that with Adelaide I had at least an hour from the time I knew I was in labor until I left for the hospital and by the time I got to the hospital there was still plenty of time before the baby was born (just not very much time to get an epidural). We’ll see!


P.S. This dress IS THE MOST comfortable thing. It seemed a bit formal for church on Sunday but when you’re past due, you wear what you want. Tiffany Rose is the queen of buttery soft maternity fabrics.

outfit details: 

my dress: Tiffany Rose

my shoes: Madewell cage sandals (on sale with just a few sizes left)

Adelaide’s dress: Ingrid & Isabel (available in a maternity dress, too!)

Adelaide’s shoes: Pediped (we’ve had these for a year and a half in various sizes + colors and the quality and comfort is GREAT)

Lincoln’s shirt: Brooks Brother’s via ThredUP (boys clothes up to 90% off!)

Lincoln’s shorts: Jojo Maman Bebe (on sale!)

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