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5 Favorite Things to Bake with my Toddlers


easy and healthy whole wheat chocolate chip walnut muffins made with coconut oil

Have your kids started school yet? It seems like everything is back in full swing, and with Ben back to school last week, we are starting to settle into the busy routine of fall.

There are three goals I have for doing more of with my kids this fall:

  1. more reading
  2. more teeth brushing (not my strong suit – thank goodness for Ben)
  3. more baking

We’ll ignore the teeth brushing for now because the struggles of brushing an independent toddler’s teeth deserves a whole post of its own, but I wanted to share a cute new book we’ve been reading and our favorite things to bake together.

I grew up baking with my mom (my first money-making venture was selling chocolate chip cookies to Japanese school girls on their way home from class on our street corner in Tokyo) and love those memories. So far, both kids really enjoy measuring, dumping, and mixing in the kitchen and the bonus is that they are far more likely to try something new if they helped make it.

In the spirit of back-to-school, we’ve been reading the cute new picture book, We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins, which takes you along for the first day of school for Penelope Rex, a little dinosaur who struggles to make friends with little humans who are just so tasty! It takes a turn when Penelope might not be the top of the food chain after all, and Lincoln thinks the idea of being friends with a dinosaur who wants to eat him is hilarious.

If you have a little one worried about heading back to school, this is a great way to bring up the conversation and add a little bit of humor to it!

While we’ve been talking about how we don’t eat our classmates, we’ve also been talking about all the things we do eat. Here are a few things we love to bake together and recipes we’ll be whipping up a lot this fall!

Five favorite things to bake with my kids:

We also love mixing smoothies together

Five easy and delicious things to bake with your toddler!

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