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Solo Parent Trips: A new tradition?

These pictures are from the fun girls trip we took to Newport last week while Ben and Lincoln went on a little boys trip. I’m talking all about our new favorite family tradition and sharing the most comfortable dresses. 

A few months ago I raved about the date we took Adelaide on, without Lincoln. It was the first time Ben and I had spent time with her without her brother in public (those middle of the night sleep regressions don’t count) since…..we brought her home from the hospital. It was neat to be able to watch her be her own person, seeing how she interacted with the world around her without her big brother by her side.

Last week Ben took Lincoln on a little boys trip to visit his parents in California for three days and Adelaide and I packed up and headed to Newport. For me it was a bit of a work trip but we unintentionally fell into what I think needs to become an annual tradition.

I love my kids together and I am SO grateful they have each other all day, everyday, but it was such a treat to get a week 1 on 1 with my baby girl.

Ben came home from California and said the same thing, excited to recreate it with Adelaide on a smaller scale (maybe just day dates next month?).

Also, traveling with one child just feels so much easier after doing it with two. Or maybe it was that I had my sister and just one baby. Double the adults and halve the children – it was a great adult/child ratio.

We spent our days eating our way through Newport, and then getting our energy out at every park or wharf or open area we could find.

One morning we headed to brunch in these dresses that feel like pajamas and while we’re not matching, both of our dresses are made out of the same super soft material I’d expect a nightgown to be made of. So they were perfect for stuffing our faces and then scootering all over the rest of the island.

Have you ever taken your kids on a one-on-one vacation? Do you do regular one-on-one dates? 

outfit details:

my dress: Pink Blush, c/o (more striped dresses here)

my jean jacket: Banana Republic, c/o (more denim jackets here)

my shoes: Madewell (more cute sandals here)

my watch: Daniel Wellington, c/o (more cute watchers here)


Adelaide’s cute dress: Pink Blush, c.o (this one is super similar and while it doesn’t look as soft, I think I love it even more)

Adelaide’s sandals: Osh Kosh B’Gosh, c/o (found these in a couple sizes on sale here!)

Adelaide’s trench: GAP (available in a few sizes and on sale right now!)

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  1. I love the idea of doing something like this with my kids! I want to make this happen next year!