Scenes from Mothers Day

I told Ben all I wanted for Mothers Day was a nap, a foot massage, and a clean kitchen. I was also open to the idea of a single gerber daisy.

I got to sleep in a little bit, take as long as I wanted getting ready for church (usually both of us are trying to get ready right before we leave and Lincoln gets worried we’re going somewhere without him and becomes a tad high maintenance), and enjoy facetiming with family. I also enjoyed a long afternoon nap, some delicious salmon, and an extra cuddly baby (although I can’t take credit for the fever that caused said cuddles).

We didn’t get pictures of Lincoln and Ben in their handsome suits but we did get in a family walk, some coconut popsicles for dessert, and an early bedtime for everyone. I couldn’t help falling asleep thinking about next Mothers Day, and the two sweet spirits that will be calling me ‘mom.’

Mothers Day 2016, you were a good one. 

P.S. I also wore the most comfortable of maternity dresses all day long, all night long, and may or may not have only changed out of it to get dressed into something else Monday morning. I’m not exaggerating when I say it is the most comfortable item in my closet (although I would recommend sizing up, I initially got a 0, which fit my pre-pregnancy size per their recommendation, but am much much happier with this size 2 — and note the sizing is all weird maternity sizes).

P.P.S That last picture is of Lincoln “blowing kisses,” a new favorite thing over here 🙂

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  1. Love the dresses that show your body. I am prego too and love shopping for maternity clothes. and pinkblushmaternity have some of the cutest maternity dresses which I often have to get hemmed if too long. I also sleep in my maternity dresses. They are to comfortable to take off, haha.